Apple Discontinues iPhone X, 6S, and SE

Apple has officially discontinued the iPhone X, iPhone 6S, and iPhone SE following the launch of three new iPhone’s recently.

It’s quite unusual for Apple to get rid of three previous models at the same time. Usually, the company announces a price decrease or other discounts for its earlier phones when a new iPhone comes out. So this time, last year’s iPhone X, along with some early models including iPhone 6S and iPhone SE, have been discontinued altogether.

iPhone X’s sales struggled in the beginning, but soon got back up after Apple reduced its price this year. However, it seems like the company’s profits took a substantial hit as it sold its flagship phone for a lower price while incurring high production costs.

No More Headphone Jacks

In order to focus on its latest iPhone XR, Apple halted the production of the preceding model that was costing the company more than it should.

As for the iPhone 6S, it was still sensible to drop this one considering its age. The phone was launched back in 2015, so there’s no point in continuing its production. In iPhone SE’s case, it came out in 2016 and was designed to be extremely pocket-friendly, with its 4-inch display and compact design.


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It will be missed, as there aren’t many new-age devices that have similar dimensions.

Now that they’re discontinued, it’s safe to say that Apple is not going to be producing any iPhone that features a much-needed feature, iPhone 6S and SE were the only available iPhones that have a headphone jack.

The headphone jack is, for better or worse, gone from the iPhones.

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