Apple Earned Over Half of the Smartphone Industry’s Profits in Q2 2018

We’ve covered this before, too. Apple and Samsung take a lion’s share of the profits in the smartphone industry, with the remaining companies picking up the crumbs. This year hardly paints a different picture.

According to a new Counterpoint Research report, the Cupertino-based smartphone company garnered 62% of the smartphone industry’s profits throughout the quarter running from April to June.

Via Counterpoint

While this is down from 81% that Apple earned a few quarters back, the figure is still gigantic, especially when you consider the quarter as one where Apple is expected to sell fewer phones, which it did.

Apple also dominated the segments of the market which matter most: post $800 and $600-$800, at 88% and 44%, respectively. Samsung was close in the latter category, though, at 41%.

Via Counterpoint

Samsung overall was the closest, as you’d expect, with 17% of the overall market. The quarter was also good for Chinese companies, which continued to close in, with Huawei the closest at 8%, followed by Oppo (5%), Vivo (3%) and Xiaomi (3%).

Oppo actually leads the segment between $400-$600, with Apple, at 22% apiece.

Apple, one would expect, would grow its lead in the upcoming quarters, as its three new high-end models get released, with an even larger price-tag. Don’t expect things to change much.

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