PayPal or a Similar Platform Will Launch in 3-4 Months: Asad Umar

PayPal is a well-known online payment platform that has been requested a number of times in Pakistan.

It’s mainly useful for freelancers who work for international companies and get payment from entities overseas without any currency transfer hassle. Another use is to make payments to online advertising platforms or to buy digital services.

Asad Umer, the current government’s finance minister, said that PayPal or a similar payment service will be introduced in Pakistan within the next 3 to 4 months.

In a TV interview, the minister discussed his idea of how more jobs can be created in Pakistan and his strategy to increase exports, adding that a service like PayPal will be introduced.

Pakistan’s Economy

Pakistan is currently in a dire economic condition, with a giant budget deficit that might take a lot more work to control. Asad Umer says that the best way to deal with this is by working on the small-business sector.


Asad Umer Hints at Replacing Chairman FBR, SECP

He said that big investments and giant ventures don’t exactly create jobs or increase exports. They are a way to bring in investment and capital, they bring technological advancement, but do not create as many jobs. Pakistan’s trading sector relies on exports relating to cloth, textile, and other such items which also generate jobs and improve the country’s economic outlook.

Concluding his interview, Asad Umer said that Pakistan has an untapped talent pool of youngsters. They need a payment platform, like PayPal, to bring in the dollars from freelance work.

You can view the interview for yourself here:

  • Or Similar It’s Possible

    • Saqi

      Lol… He said paypal or similar. Idk, why everyone is commenting “paypal is coming”……?

      • I am not saying PayPal is coming i said if PayPal is coming so why they need 3 to 4 Month ?

        • Saqi

          Because they won’t

    • Awami

      Development hai, halwa thori bhai ..

  • “GooglePay (GPay) / AmazonPay Is Better than PayPal”

    • but jider paypal chalata ha waha nahi yeh chal rahy. like fiverr, freelancer etc

    • CyberTech

      Nah PayPal is the best online payment in the world, people who are doing freelance as web design, coding, etc

      • Yeah PayPal much needed but PayPal isn’t want to come in Pakistan
        Even i sent email to PayPal Staff with CEO but not response of my email…

        • CyberTech

          Didn’t you read article? they said it might in 3-4 months so starting support InshaALLAH

  • Balti

    Freelancers will bring money and politicians will send it back through money laundering.

    • It can be run like in India, can’t receive from fellow indians, paypal balance will be deposited to the bank account same day, only use attached credit/debit card to pay using paypal.

    • JohnSmith

      A typical jahil brainwashed youthia. A qoum e youth, Allah tumharay haal pe reham karay.

      • Atif

        Ironically, this finance minister who is trying to bring paypall or its alternate to Pakistan is there because this ‘jahil brainwashed youthia’ voted him to that place. How many from previous ‘experienced’ regimes strived in this domain?

  • Muhammad Areeb

    pata chale paypal ki jaga paidpaal aa jaye

    • Umar

      :D ahhahahahahaaaaaaa..

  • Aamir Mursleen

    We have already many alternatives to Paypal, the best example is Payoneer.

    We can send money Paypal to Payoneer to Local Bank.

    For personal, Paypal is fine.

    For running a business, Paypal must be in Pakistan to do business with ease.

    • Yeah PayPal much needed but PayPal isn’t want to come in Pakistan
      Even i sent email to PayPal Staff with CEO but not response of my email.

      • So would you explain this to everyone here? Just one comment is enough to say your point.

      • Osama Khan

        teri beta yahan koi nahi sunta, Paypal ka CEO sunay gaa. Ashkay bhae Ashkay

  • Ummad

    Hope for good.

  • fawaz

    Most Likely AliPay.

    • Ahtysham Afzal

      Yeah, i was thinking same. Alibaba bought daraz, they will definitely bring AliPay to Pakistan. Paypal hates our banking system, they will never come to Pakistan.

  • Hassan ulHaq

    everybody knows he pointed out alipay… paypal doesn’t give f**k about Pakistan so our finance ministry!!!

    • Farhan UL HAQ

      yeh.most probably . specially after the news that alibaba has acquired the micro finance bank that operates easypaisa

      • Hassan ulHaq

        Between dec to feb it will be launched n it has nothing to do with govt.

        • Ahtysham Afzal

          Every good thing has nothing to do with this Govt, but batwa chori hua ha wo Imran Khan ki naalaaiqi ha!

  • there is no alt to paypal ..

  • Tech Boy

    It will be Ali Pay part of Alibaba Group

  • Just Checking

    The actual Reason of PAYPAL not coming to Pakistan is that Pakistan is in Grey List of International Financial action Task Force… which observes the Money Laundering and Terror Funding stuff around the world…. Pakistan under previous Govt rules have been the biggest Money Laundering Destination due to vested interest of Nawaz and Zardari… they didnt take any action to curb Money Laundering since they themselves were involved in them… Therefore… Pakistan was put on Grey List… and hence all these oppertunities for our Youth were finished… now since New Govt of Imran Khan has taken over… you can seen in the news how Govt is coming Hard on Money Laundering… Taking the correct actions will get Pakistan removed from Grey List paving the way for Paypal and similar services to come in….

  • Imran Jalbani

    what’s difference btw cloth, textile? May the article writer confirm and correct me either in this case, as readers are not only from Pak.

  • Carl

    Skrill is the alternative of PayPal.. its working in Pakistan as well………… PAYPAL bhi ajai to kiya baat hey…..