Peek Freans Debuts New Mascots in Animated TVC

Peek Freans Rio, which happens to be one of the most sought after confectionery products in Pakistan, is back with a bang.

The brand wanted to enhance its appeal among youngsters throughout the country, and what better way to do it than appealing to their imagination?

To accomplish this, Peek Freans has introduced its first ever animated characters as part of its newest campaign, hoping to capitalize on the wholesome entertainment with quirky personalities.

Enter the OBOs

The characters, called OBOs, are fun-loving creatures that are equally joyful and mischievous.

In Peek Freans recently launched commercial for Rio biscuits, OBOs have made their debut. The OBOs have become an instant hit thanks to their adorable eyes, gibberish language and hilarious antics.

The popularity of the OBOs can be linked to their impressive animations, which has allowed them to capture the eye of the country.

The minute-long TVC gives a glimpse into the world of OBOs and their fun-loving personalities. You can watch them in action here:

In the commercial, we see how the OBOs are marching behind their leader through a deserted island when suddenly, an OBO comes across Rio. He then breaks the march and becomes the center of attention, because let’s face it, there’s nothing like Rio biscuits on a desolated island no doubt.

The brand aligns its ideology to the adventurous nature of kids with the message that Rio is worth all the mischief. Even if you are an adult, a smile breaks while watching the TVC.

The commercial serves as a reminder of Peek Frean’s image as a fun and trend-setting brand that appeals to both adults and children alike. And of course, as a top-notch maker of wholesome confectionery products too.

    • Wait for a law-suit from the Universal Studios — they will not let go of the third highest grossing animated film of all times this easily in the sixth most populous nation on earth!
      A lazy (or ignorant — whichever you fancy) Marketing Manager of Peak Freans may have made the most expensive mistake in the company’s history.
      The least-expensive outcome of this that I see is the canning of the ad — hence lost money on contracted media bought, as well as production costs for the ad.
      I cannot understand why the quality of marketing professionals has dipped to these epic-low levels in Pakistan now. . .
      Perhaps a sign of the millennial generations overall good-for-nothing personalities.

      • I think they may not get any lawsuit, because PF target totally different market. Just like Mi 8 didn’t get any lawsuit for copying exactly same design as iphone x.

  • what is original in it?they just change the color of Minions.
    they should fire the advertisement manager for this.

  • My 7 months old son loves this TVc and never gets bored if it runs hundred times he would watch it with the same zeal.

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