FIA Discovers Millions in Middle-Class Student’s Bank Account

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has found another suspicious transaction in an unwary citizen’s bank account, worth Rs. 170 million.

We’ve seen a similar case before when a ‘faluda’ vendor discovered Rs. 2.5 billion in his bank account, which according to the FIA, was transferred in a money laundering attempt.

This time, a middle-class student residing in Jhang was summoned by the FIA. To his surprise, he had Rs. 173 million stored in his account, which he was completely unaware of until the authorities got hold of him, according to reports from local media.

FIA is on a roll to stop money launderers in Pakistan and has been closely monitoring bank accounts. In doing so, it managed to find some strange bank accounts and summoned their owners with valid documents. The bank account, owned by student M. Asad Ali from Satellite Town, Jhang, was caught on the authorities’ radar after it was used for a large transaction.

An Unfortunate Set of Events

Asad was ordered to appear at FIA’s cybercrime building in Karachi on October 2 with all valid documents including his CNIC and relevant bank statements. He talked to reporters afterward, saying that he had nothing to do with the money, and did not even know about it until the FIA summoned him, much like the ‘faluda’ vendor case.


Finance Minister Finalizes Measures to Curb Illegal Foreign Transactions

Reportedly, Asad lives in a five-marla house, belonging to a middle-class family. Even if he wasn’t involved with that transaction, or any money laundering scheme, this raises security concerns for Asad, and his family.

The ‘faluda’ vendor, who had billions of Rupees in his account, now faces severe stress and security issues, as policemen are present outside his house to guard him. The authorities believe ‘some people’ may want to hurt him.

It’s highly likely that the FIA will also appoint a security detail for Asad as his case is also similar.

  • I don’t get it. How is it even possible for these people to not be aware of such amounts/transactions in their bank account?

    • You give your CNIC copy for multiple reasons, opening your mobile no., giving your CNIC photocopy for deposit before giving cash to someone, getting your wallet snatched. You do it many other reasons. anyone with a mind of using your CNIC can create a bank account using that with the help of a bank employ. its for this reason it is said that you should always cross your CNIC copy like you do cheques and write why the CNIC is given on it.
      This also the reason you should also check yearly if there are any mobile no. activated under your name which you did not pay for yourself.

      • So what you’re suggesting is that these people didn’t know about the existence of a bank account under their name? I mean, if that was the reason then what you’re saying is completely understandable. But recent articles’ wordings make it seem as if they already had an account but didn’t know about the large sum of money in their accounts.

        • At in Karachi If you want to enter in this places like SBP, Some Banks Head Office, Custom House, FBR Building, Port, Dry Port Area etc staff require your Original CNIC must be submitted at the counter & it will giving you before you living this places.
          It simple way to copy of your CNIC

  • All the banks who have such suspicious bank accounts should be heavily fined/or closed permanently as their management is involved in these transactions. How this money is transferred outside of Pakistan is also not possible if bank management is not involved. All this is corruption money and should be confiscated by Govt.

    • I asked the same question from my banker. He replied. Thats why Summit bank presiedent is in the jail.

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