New Windows 10 Update Focuses on Integrating Your Mobile and Desktop

With its October 2018 update rolling out today, Windows 10 plans to hop onto your phones.

Among its many new features, the biggest one is its attempt to integrate with the smartphones by bringing its Timeline and a new app to iOS and Android devices.

Before we move on to the so many features of this update, you should know that the update is currently available for download. However, it will come to the Windows Update next week as Microsoft is introducing it in phases.

Access Your Timeline from Your Phone

Windows 10 update

The timeline features, that came with the last update in April, enabled the user to keep track of the specific files and websites he/she is working on. Now the Windows 10 users will be able to enjoy it on their Android and iOS devices.

You can access your Timeline from Android with the Microsoft Launcher. The MS launcher is available for preview currently. The iOS user will have to wait a little to avail it.

Moreover, the company has set up new extensions for Chrome and Firefox, which will enable the rival browsers to access the Timeline and sync tabs.

Jot Down a Text Message from Your Laptop

Microsoft is also introducing its ‘Your Phone App’ with which you can transfer the files and manage your text messages from Android to laptop or desktop.


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This app will give the Android user an experience similar to the one iOS users have with macOS. Now, the Android users will be able to reply to the text messages from their PC quickly rather than having to pick up their phone, again and again, to read or reply.

Imagine working on a project and your phone buzzing frequently to notify you about an urgent message. This new update is saving you from the trouble of going to your phone, diverting your attention to phone and then getting back to the work.

Now, you can handle your text messages without affecting your productivity or diverting your focus from the screen. You will also be able to email your documents and images easily to yourself on a regular basis.

Read Like a Pro If You Are an iOS User

Windows 10 update for iOS

Notably, iOS users cannot avail all these perks due to Apple’s limitations on integration. Although they can send the web pages they view on their phone to the PC, they will not be able to make this happen regarding files or messages.

Windows 10 update

However, that is not it for the iOS users. This update is bringing many new features to Edge like grammar tools, offline dictionary, and learning tools in the reading view.

It has also come up with a solution to the trouble of reading long pages. Now, you can highlight one to five lines by using its Line Focus. Not only this but with its Snip & Skitch, you can also take or annotate the screenshots.

There is also a lot to come for the Office users as there are going to be more refined AI Inking and 3D features.

Save Your Copied Content

Apart from the ‘phone fixation’, Windows 10 is bringing a new cloud-powered clipboard. It will enable you to copy content from the devices and store it in the cloud. It comes very handy when you use different devices for home and work.

Image credits: Engadget

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  • my registry change (natural scrolling) does not reflect the change after updating on 1809. Can be problem with other registry updates, not sure though. Also, Dark Theme is so lame that the UI is inconsistent, it seems a more of desperate update after Apple’s Mojave Dark Mode. Windows should understand there is a difference between mode and theme.

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