iPhone XS Max’s Camera Ranked as Second Best in the Industry

The people behind the professional camera testing facility, DxOMark, are back and this time the new iPhone XS is the phone being critically evaluated. The Apple flagship earned an impressive score of 105, which puts it above competitors like the Pixel 2 and Note 9, however, it’s behind Huawei’s P20 Pro, which earned the best score of all time: 109.

Do note that DxOMark consults with smartphone companies for its score and may have a biased approach towards the scoring criteria. However, that doesn’t mean their tests are completely useless, they can still give you a very good idea of what to expect from a phone’s camera.

Score Breakdown

Breaking the overall score down, the iPhone XS Max earned a score of 110 in photos and 96 in videos. The new cameras, which still come in the 12 MP wide-angle + 12 MP telephoto configuration of last year’s iPhone X, are said to carry enough enhancements for marked improvements and a safe bet for anyone looking for a good camera-phone.

The photos are said to be detailed in all conditions, with exposure levels said to be just perfect. The improved processing thanks to the new image signal processor creates a multi-frame buffer,

for simultaneous zero shutter lag and HDR processing, something that is unique to the new iPhone at this point.

The camera is also capable of 4K video at 60 fps, or 1080p at 240 fps. Videos were said to be nearly-perfect in good lighting, though indoor white balance levels could be better.

Autofocus, HDR, and Low-Light Performance

For stills, the autofocus performance remained fast and consistent. The new Smart HDR feature, as well as the improved bokeh mode, were lauded, though, the latter sometimes showed inconsistencies.

That being said, the XS Max does fall behind the best when it comes to noise processing in low-light conditions. Its zoom levels are also said to be behind the Huawei P20 Pro in particular.

However, by this point, it is pretty clear that the camera is a small factor when considering a purchase, especially when the difference between the outputs of the flagship phones is so little. Each handset is good enough to make you happy.

    • As Steve jobs RIP so do Apple is going to be RIP, so costly phones that we can get much in mid-range budget with Huawei!

  • I am Apple user now, but i used to have a Huawei Honor 4C phone about 4 years ago!
    I can say, Huawei is the best Camera Phone manufacturer in the world. They truly use the power of phone camera in every possible way.
    Huawei is the best choice if you love phone photography. Period.

    • Nokia phone camera were the best, only if they can adjust yellow color saturation. Samsung still doest not meet the quality as compare to price tag. Huawei phone camera sensors are no doubt best in low light condition. but I heard in p20Pro there is no OIS, which is much needed in today camera war.

      • Huawei could add OIS in P20 Pro, but they want you to buy their next phone! These phone companies know us very well. Don’t you think Apple could add 4000mah battery in iPhone XS Max but they didn’t, because they will improve it in next version.
        Huawei cameras have other features as well which no other cameras have! Like light paint, long exposure shots, object AI etc.

        • In current technology OIS is considered as basic for highend phone. if huawei thinks they will add OIS in next phone, they they are behind in technology race, because now samsung had already introduced variable aperture. Also did you noticed Metering modes in Samsung (Note 8). This is huge encasement in smartphone camera.

          I wish its time to introduce auto exposure bracketing.

          Light paint is just shortcut added. You can do with any camera. In samsung go to pro mode, adjust exposure and ISO, Same in Nokia app. Also Apple do the same. Its not a feature just a trick.

          • Actually they have added EIS, and they are yet to release another phone this month. Let’s see what happens!

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