Samsung is Expecting a Record Breaking Q3 2018

The latest quarter has proved to be yet another record-breaking one for Samsung, which continued its streak of profitability despite getting limited help from the smartphone segment.

The Korean conglomerate expects to have made $57.5 billion in revenues, earning a profit of $15.5 billion on top of those. Those are record figures for Samsung, higher than those at any point in time in its history. They are going to be 20% higher compared to Q3 2017 and 12% higher than the previous best quarter for Samsung.

Revenue Breakdown

As usual, it was the semiconductors division which is expected to have brought Samsung as much as 70% of its profit during the quarter, which is the same as Q2 of this year.

The display division is also expected to perform better during the quarter, thanks to the launch of the new iPhones (of which Samsung is the OLED provider), which launched within the time period.

The smartphone division performed rather tamely by comparison, with sales of the Galaxy S9 flagship reportedly failing to meet expectations in face of increasing competition from Apple and Chinese manufacturers, who are aggressively upselling in the market.

Samsung has, unironically, been making more profit off of Apple’s phones than its own for years, and you can’t expect that to change for Q4 2018 either.

Exact Figures Yet to Come

The exact proportion of revenues and profits earned by each division will be revealed in the full earnings report, which is due later this month. Overall, this is proving to be a blockbuster year for Samsung, which has already announced record-breaking figures in Q1. The march of the ever-powerful South Korean conglomerate continues.

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