METRO Celebrates ‘Own Business Day’ on 9th October

METRO is celebrating Own Business Day on the 9th of October in 23 countries simultaneously.
Just like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other special day, METRO pioneers “Own Business Day”, which falls on the second Tuesday of every October, and is celebrated internationally in support of all driven entrepreneurs.

No matter how big or small your business is you can be associated to any industry from a small food stall to a big restaurant chain, from a service providing rider to a big logistic company. It’s the one day that lets you put your own business on the map, and showcase your best products to the world. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?

Keeping the tradition alive, this year too, METRO is calling out to all business owners so you can put up your hottest specials on their platform for display and purchase.

How is that going to help you? ‘Greater customers’ for all of you so you don’t just have to rely on and strive to achieve the largest word of mouth- METRO is doing that for you!

So if you have a home-based bakery that you want to expand out of your locality, if you have a catering start-up that you most certainly believe in, or if you want to boost any of your other specialty products, here’s what you need to do to go big in just a short amount of time.

Follow the simple steps by visiting and get ready to place your little display up for sale right away. The best part is that METRO has taken the worry right of the procedure for us! You can setup within minutes and expose your offers to the biggest audience that you have ever wished for.

Wait no more, because now is when all of us can fast-track our businesses with this amazing hub that METRO has created just for us to grow our business within minutes!

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