PM Imran Khan to Launch Pilot Project of ‘Mera Ghar’ Scheme Tomorrow

Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch a pilot project of ‘Mera Ghar’ scheme on Wednesday.

The project has been conceived by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led government to provide houses to homeless people in the country as part of its elections manifesto.

Sources said that the federal government has decided to launch pilot projects in four provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan in the first phase of the ‘Mera Ghar’ scheme.


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They said that the federal government, in consultation with the provincial governments, will select a district for executing the pilot project there. The pilot project will be started simultaneously in all four provinces and the GB.

With the help of National Registration and Database Authority (NRAD), the registration form for the pilot project will be issued. A nominal price will be charged for the registration form.

Sources said that Mera Ghar Authority will be established after proper legislation to execute the housing project.


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The Prime Minister will announce the project.

The registration of Mera Ghar project will be started from October 10. Sources said that the houses would be constructed on public-private partnership mode and the private sector will be included in the project in a transparent manner.

NADRA will be assigned the task to gather data of masses. The project is estimated to be completed in five years.

The PTI before coming into power had promised the masses that it would construct 5 million low cost and affordable house units for homeless people. Now it’s making good on its promise.

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    who will get benefit from 22 cror awam!!! only some people who will get source into Govt.
    I sure poor will never get a penny benefit from this scam! #barro ki game hai yaar

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