ICC to Tighten Its Control on T20 and T10 Leagues

International Cricket Council (ICC) is set to tighten up sanctions on the various shorter format leagues.

The world cricket’s governing body will meet in Singapore next week where it will discuss how it can put a lid on growing Twenty20 and T10 leagues in the future, said an ICC official.

ICC’s General Manager, Geoff Allardice said the matter would be discussed at the governing body’s board meeting in Singapore on October 20.

Matter of regulations and sanctions of the different league and the release of players will also come into the discussion, Geoff told the media.

Allardice said, in future, the body will look at the all the documents, the structure, the financer and their source of income before giving an approval for the leagues.

It’s not just going to be an open door for any promoter to come in. I think it will be a bit harder to get sanctions in the future and any tournament would need both the support of the home country and the ICC.

These sort of lucrative leagues attract corrupt practices and sometimes, the players remain unpaid due to lack of funds.

There are examples of Masters Cricket League’s first edition in 2016 where players were largely unpaid, and IPL – where two cricket franchises were banned for corrupt practices.

The body will make sure such cases won’t happen in the future, Geoff added. The decision is also the need of the hour because increasing T20 cricket has brought Test cricket on the brink of fading away.