Samsung Increases Prices for J Series and Note 9 in Pakistan

Samsung Pakistan is increasing prices for its smartphones and other devices in the country due to the recent Rupee devaluation.

The price changes are pretty significant, Samsung is the first mobile company to go for a price hike after the Rupee’s latest fall against the dollar. All phones, including flagships and midrangers, are subject to increased prices.

The company’s recent flagship, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now has a price of Rs. 139,999 – Rs. 10,000 up from the previous price of Rs. 129,999.

Other phones in the list include:

Other Brands to Follow Suit?

There’s no word on whether Huawei and Honor plan on increasing the prices for now. According to a local report, Honor says that it won’t be increasing prices for its lineup for another month or so.

The smartphone industry is not the only one that gets affected by exchange rate changes. One of the other major industries in Pakistan, the automotive sector, also announces major price changes when Rupee’s value falls.

That’s because there’s very less localization, and the companies have no choice but to import components from overseas. If the exchange rates are higher, the cost per unit increases, due to which the total price needs to be adjusted to balance out the profit margin.

Recently, Toyota Indus stopped taking bookings for new cars, as it would be adverse to continue selling vehicles at an increased cost per unit. Their cost increase is also being attributed to the currency’s depreciation.