Official Nikah and Divorce Papers Will Be Getting Updated for the First Time in Over 50 Years

The Council of Islamic Ideology’s (CCI) research section has been working on updating the nikhanama (marriage) and talaqnama (divorce) documents, in order to bring them in line with today’s requirements.

The nikahnama and talaqnama that is in use today was first drafted in the 1960s. It has become obsolete and cumbersome, owing to certain clauses that don’t take into account emerging issues.

This was stated by Dr Qibla Ayaz, Chairman CCI, while speaking to a local media publication recently. He is of the view that there is an urgent need to protect the rights of women, and therefore, the newly drafted nikahmana and talaqnama plan to address this.

Clear Language

The new draft nikahnama will also include a provision for the bride to dissolve the marriage.

This provision was also found in the previous nikahnama as well, however, its wording was vague and unclear at best. Many women were deprived of their rights by vested interests this way.

CCI Chairman signaled his intention to work with other stakeholders and make this provision more clearer. He said that some restrictions will be included in the new marriage contract so that nikahkhawn can’t delete it without the permission of the bride-to-be.

Changes to Divorce Papers

Further changes are also being made in these documents, specifically the talaqnama (divorce papers). According to the CCI Chariman, just last month, the consultative body decided that men who indulge in the practice of ‘triple talaq’ be punished.

Triple talaq, it should be mentioned, refers to the practice where a man hurriedly divorces his wife after uttering the word ‘Talaq’ three times in succession. The practice has been outlawed in India recently, and the CCI is hoping to go over some useful points made by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board regarding it.

The CCI’s research section will be amending the new draft of talaqnama, a process that may take a week as per Dr Qibla.

  • Huh… Yahoodion ke 1 aur sazish giving rights of divorce.. basically they are promoting divorce not Marriages….

      • Yeah there are rights but this doesn’t mean that you revoke all the rights which are given to men in Islam… Divorce is one of those Halal things that is disliked By Allah….

        • Rishwat khori, bhatta khori, target killing, Zainab and countless other children’s cases, corruption, ye sab yahoodi kar rahay hain? Humari abhi jo haalat hai us me humein na yahoodion ki zaroorat hai na India ki. Hum khud hi apnay aap ko tabah kar lenge tum jese logon ki wajay se jo samajhtay hain k Pakistani doodh say dhulay hain aur sab bura kaam yahoodi kartay hain.

      • Please compare it with Saudi’s Nikahnama if they are still on the right pattern or not before saying this is right…

        • If you think saudia are right. then think again.
          Why was there a ban on women driving in saudia. Similarly there are many other practices that saudia do which no other muslim country can do.
          No women can go out without mehram.
          Is this alright?

          • If you have issues with Saudia law better live in Europe & teach your Kids how its ok to be GAY…. because thats what they teach in Europe… anyways i dont need to tell you weather this is good or bad Time will tell….

            • How does someone become as uneducated as you? In your world, there’s only the Saudia law where people who disagree are killed and dismembered (like Jamal Khashoggi) and if someone doesn’t like Saudia laws then they must be gay. That’s exactly ISIS kind of thinking and you should be ashamed. How does your brain even work? When did Muhammad SAW kill and dismember someone for disagreeing with Him SAW? His SAW opponents did all sorts of things to him and he was nothing but forgiving. If you think modern Saudi law has anything to with Islam apart from their punishments for murder and thievery then you couldn’t be more wrong.

              • Jee jee mein tou an parh sa banda hoon aap tou nasa mein lagay huway hain…. Please do let your parents know that there is new nikah nama in place & make sure you give your mom the same rights to divorce your dad

      • Totally agree bro we are the ones who love to follow them .. They Media is designed in such a way that you get to see couples filing divorce in every 8 homes out of 10… Does anyone know why…. & especially women

  • Council of Common Interests (CCI) are stepping outside of their “COMFORT LEAGUE” & interfering with CII (council of Islamic Ideology) here……… #ProofReadingMainKharab

  • ALLAH Ta’ala hum sub per rehem farmaey, her qisam ki burariyon se apni panah mein rakkhay – Aameen
    Aagay dekhein kaisi TABDEELIYAAN aati hein… :)

    • pti k pehlay 3 months hein jin mein sub se badaa challenge economy survival hai, tawajjo udhar rakkhein, achaanak aasiya ka case re-open kerne ya divorce papers ki amendment ki ya helmet pehna hai ya nahi, wagehera … kiya tuk banti hai? they have to focus on security and economy, other matters can be resolved after 6 months or a year.

  • Koi bataye ga Saudia aur Pakistan main TABDEELI aik saath kyun aa rahi hai ?

    Raheel, Pasha ya 45 mulki fauji namaloom / bhootiya ittehad ka koi role hai?

    India main 3 Talaaq ghair qanooni na qarar di jati tow yahan bhi kisi ko bahana na milta.
    Pehle jin aurton ki 3 talaq se zindagi tabah ho chuki un ka kia qasoor tha ?

    Khula ka haq bhi acchi baat hai k Aurat ke pas hona chahiye magar solid conditions (sharayat) ke saath.

    Pakistan main doosri shadi ke liye pehli biwi se ijazat zaroori hai as per law, warna qaid aur jurmanay ki saza hai. Ye kis Islami fiqah mein likha hai ?

    Iss law pe tow kisi Saudi-lover/Yahudi dushman ne kabhi koi aiteraz nahi kiya, kyun?

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