Story of Polio-affected Girl Looking After Family Through Freelancing

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. The phrase is turning into a cliché now. However, some individuals are a living epitome of it with their resolve to thwart instead of being thwarted by what life throws at them.

The 25-year-old Fozia of Gujranwala is an example of these individuals. Having fallen victim to crippling polio virus at an early age, she cannot walk properly. However, she did not let the factor come in her way to start a career and support her family in every way possible.

After completing her Intermediate, she enrolled in the E-Rozgaar programme introduced by the Punjab Government. This programme gave her a head start in the pursuance of her professional goals.

After acquiring a diploma from the programme, she started making money online. She now earns for the sustenance of her family.

According to Fozia, she can earn around Rs.25000 per month and even more depending upon the projects available. The app she developed has been growing popular among users, which is bringing her more projects every day.

Given her experience and skills, she also gives lectures in a university.

Not only that she is contributing to the finances of her home, but she also participates in the routine chore like cooking and sewing.


Pakistan Ranks as the 4th Most Popular Country for Freelancing Industry

The story of Fozia is one among so many success stories of Pakistani freelancers who took heed from e-Rozgaar and acquired the necessary skills required in the yet-untapped realm of freelancing.

E-Rozgaar Opening New Doors for Youth

The E-Rozgaar Programme is a joint venture of Punjab Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology and Tourism Department and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). It kickstarted a year ago, gaining popularity immediately. As per the statistics, the top 15 per cent students in the programme have already earned $112,000 till this time.

Notably, the programme is inviting applications for its third phase presently. All you have to do is to go to their website and apply. You will also have to undergo a basic test, passing which will get you enrolled in the programme.

E-Rozgaar Partners with Facebook

This time, E-Rozgaar has collaborated with Facebook to provide its trainees with the Facebook course track. The trainees will be provided with the basic skills, tools, and tutorials in this regard. Moreover, Facebook will also provide free vouchers to render the master trainers as Blueprint certified.

The Facebook certification will be additional to the certification by E-Rozgaar programme.

  • So happy to read it.

    My salute to all women who are the sole breadwinners of their families.

    I think it was Nawaz and his guys who launched this program. Someone please guide me

    • in 3rd paragraph there is mentioned: “E-Rozgaar programme introduced by the Punjab Government” and it was not started by PTI government.

  • May ALLAH give her more and more strength, knowledge and everything in its best form she need in life – Aameen
    And all of the best wishes for her and family too…

  • When shall we stop taking pride in being just IT laborers? When shall be stop being poster child for those who are milking a cash cow?
    Anyway, if Ms. Fozia is reading me, please be informed that you must settle at nothing short of earning $100 per day. Stop giving two ducks about the praise you may be getting right now. It will stunt your growth and lower your targets. Dont fall prey to these distractions. I hope 10 years down the road, you will be be back here endorsing my stance. By that time, i hope you will be making $1000 per day. All of it is very much achievable. Just dont listen to those crooks telling you to celebrate when you are making a measly $250 a month.

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