Banks Asked To Fix Service Issues Related to Credit Cards Bill Payment

Of late, bank customers are facing hurdles in paying their bills on credit cards. Due to the prevailing situation, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has directed banks to resolve these issues in their systems.

The central bank took notice of the service issues of various banks which are not accepting credit card bills other than those of the issuing bank through Alternate Delivery Channels (ADCs) including internet banking, mobile banking, ATMs and Branchless Banking / Retail agents; especially from the customers of commercial and microfinance banks.

In this context, banks are advised to ensure that all credit card customers are provided with an option to pay their credit card bills utilizing Bill Payment Services (BPS), enabling credit card users to pay their credit card bills through ADCs (Internet banking, Mobile banking, ATMs etc.), branchless banking agents and on the branch counters of any bank/MFBs.

Banks/MFBs are advised to align their systems with the necessary changes by March 31, 2019. All Credit Card issuing banks should submit their project plans to PSD latest by November 30, 2018.

Banks/MFBs are advised to ensure meticulous compliance of the above instructions within the stipulated time, failing which will attract penal action under relevant laws.

  • what is this about? can someone please explain? if one has bank account with Bank A you cant pay for Bank B’s credit card?

    • Exactly. That’s the issue. If you have UBL’s Credit card and you want to pay your bill via e-payment (online banking, apps, ATMs), you can only do so via a UBL account and not any other bank’s account. However, other payment instruments, like cheques, work across banks. Its mind-boggling that this service has as yet not been implemented on the e-payment frontier.

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