Now a Peon in Sindh Health Ministry is Worth Rs. 160 Million!

Authorities have found a naibq qasid (peon) of Sindh health Ministry to be the owner of a company worth millions of rupees. However, the peon claims to be unaware of any such ownership.

A resident of Korangi, Muhammad Zahid Nawaz, is the owner of a fake company valued at millions of rupees.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has charged him for tax evasion and sent him an income tax bill amounting Rs. 160 million.

Furthermore, the board has initiated proceedings against him and also frozen his current salaried bank account.

As mentioned earlier, the health ministry worker denies any such ownership. He has approached Sindh High Court to prove his innocence in the matter.

It is pertinent to mention here that Sindh is witnessing many cases of fake bank accounts and suspicious transactions. Only recently, authorities found a transfer of Rs. 10.6 million in the account of a computer operator at Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH).


Rs 54 Billion Laundered Through 107 Fake Accounts: JIT

The Case of Fake Accounts

Authorities have discovered several fake bank accounts belonging to people who were oblivious to those accounts or to those who have deceased years ago.

On October 15, a man, having died four years ago, turned out to be the owner of four bank accounts that contained billions. The accounts were used for transactions of Rs. 4.6 billion.

Even a rickshaw driver and a street vendor were discovered to be the owner of accounts containing millions of rupees.

Notably, a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has revealed that 107 fake bank accounts which have been used in transactions worth of Rs. 54 billion. The JIT has been pursuing this case since 2015.

Via: Tribune

  • Just another of those “Falooda Wala” case. There are still MANY of such cases out there.

    InShaALLAH all these corrupt people will ROT IN JAIL CELLS. I hope nothing below death penalty is considered for these schmucks.

    • The real culprit is still in our holy “PARLIAMENT” house. How people vote for such greedy dogs? Sindhis really need to change their “aj b butto zinda hai” mindset.. We all know that PPP is the dirtiest picture and still we vote them… Why????

      • Lack of education and awareness in general public, their control over Karachi (water, land etc), and few other factors. There is a major operation going on against the corrupted one. Let this be successful and we shall see Karachi adopting to change slowly.

  • Sab ko pata hai kis ka paisa hai ye. Parliament main to pohcha dia hai ussay phir se jaahil awaam ne.
    Pata nahi kab tk biktay rahainge roti kay ik tukray pe :/

  • Kal merey office key peon ney 100 rupee kharch karkey account open karaya hey apna… keh raha tha account to open karwaliya baki zardari per chooraa…. hahaha

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