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Pak Suzuki Increases Prices by Upto Rs. 40,000 for Some Car Models

Pak Suzuki Motor Corporation has increased its vehicles’ prices for the fifth time this year as a response to depreciating rupee against the dollar.

As per the company’s announcement, the price of Cultus, Swift, and Wagon R has increased by Rs.40,000. However, it refrained from increasing the price of Ravi, Bolan, and Mehran given the sales of these vehicles are on a decline already.


Pak Suzuki Raises Prices for Cars (Yet Again) by Upto Rs. 40,000

Here are the increased prices announced by the company:

Model Retail Price August Retail Price in October
WagonR VXR 1,144,000 Rs.1,184,000
WagonR VXL 1,234,000 Rs.1,274,000
Suzuki Swift DLX 1,475,000 Rs.1,515,000
Suzuki Swift AT 1,611,000 Rs.1,651,000
Cultus VXR 1,340,000 Rs.1,380,000
Cultus VXL 1,461,000 Rs.1,501,000
 Cultus AGS 1,568,000 Rs.1,608,000

It is pertinent to mention here that three major automobile manufactures i.e. Atlas Honda, Pak Suzuki, and Indus Motors have ratcheted up their vehicles’ prices more than three times to deal with the rising cost of manufacturing and imports.

Cars like Mehran, Ravi, and Bolan have seen an increase in their prices by 15 percent, 9 percent, and 11 percent during 2018 while the prices of WagonR have risen by 12-16 percent this year.

In the quarter of July-September of this year, the sales of these low-priced cars went down by 23 percent, 34 percent, and 21 percent.

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