German Companies Express Willingness to Invest in Pakistan’s Energy Projects

German companies have expressed great interest in investing in Pakistan’s energy projects, including Special Economic Zones (SEZs), established under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), according to a statement issued by Ministry of Planning, Development, and Reforms.

As per the details, Pakistan had invited German companies to let them know about the lucrative investment opportunities in various sectors including information technology, renewable energy, food and dairy, and services.

The delegation of companies came to Pakistan, on Thursday, to attend the Pakistan-Germany Investment Forum. The delegation included representatives from the Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Technology, and the German Federal Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

It also included 40 companies, which encompassed sectors relevant to Special Economic Zones, aerospace, electronics, consultancy, industrial plants, information technology, retail, dairy, fintech, financial sector, energy, education, technology, renewable energy, healthcare, trade, and social sector.


Govt Launches Business Reform Plan to Improve Investment Climate in the Country

“The government is focusing on export-oriented policies to boost the country’s exports and put the economy on a growth trajectory,” said Zafar Hasan, the Secretary Planning, Development, and Reforms while talking to the delegation.

While talking about the current economic situation of the country, Hasan said,

The measures are being taken to enhance tax-to-GDP-ratio, while the security situation in the country has also improved significantly over the past couple of years, and currently Pakistan is emerging fast as an attractive destination for foreign investment.

The secretary also said that the German investors would find ample opportunities in Pakistan. He suggested they could start joint ventures with local companies, especially in the realm of technology transfer. Moreover, the sector of hydropower generation held a lot of investment potential for foreign investors, he said.

He further stressed that the Export Promotion Zones (EPZs) will prove to be lucrative for any investor, as they do not limit participation by any country.

“We would like German companies to invest in SEZs and EPZs under CPEC,” he maintained.

Via: CPEC Info

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