Viral Clip of Protesters Allegedly Looting a Kid’s Fruit Cart Sparks Outrage

Pakistan is currently embroiled in one of the most severe crises in recent memory. In many parts of the country, massive protests by religious zealots have brought cities to a standstill and with threats of violence being followed by looting and other crimes against the common man.

Nothing captures the enormous human cost of these ongoing protests like this viral clip does:

This clip, that went viral a few hours ago, is resoundingly being condemned by many. According to reports, a kid who was hoping to sell his fruits to the protesters faced their wrath instead.

A poor kid whose only means of livelihood was to sell fruits on a cart was robbed by protesters. As you can observe from the clip, the mob spares no one in its objective.

Despite media reports detailing the happenings of this episode, some people are of the view that the fruit vendor might have been one of the protesters and that he was bringing it for them.

Not the Only Incident of Its Kind

And it doesn’t seem to be the only incident of its kind. Here’s another one that shows the ugly side of these protests.

In such a chaotic scenario, the duty of the state should be clear for all:

Featured Image: SkyNews UK

  • Look at those yahoodis trying to defame Pakistanis. This is all a yahoodi saazish against us, we’d never do such a thing. /s

  • Jo howa jis kay saat howa accha howa ….. Yea hay humara aslee cahra .. Hum aak bhooki aur fasaad pasand qoum hay … hum laak koshish ker lay tarakee key allah humay kabhi tarakee nahi day ga .. kyou kay hum apnay aap ko kabhi nahi badal saktay aur na kabi badalna cahtay hain

    • bro kya aap aise hi aik jahil aadme hain?
      agar nahi to aap ko pata hona chah yeh k ye forum puri dunya parhti hai.
      ap pakistan ki kya image de rahey hain.
      aap puri qoum pe ilzaam na lagayen

      • Ankhay band mat kero jo facts hay un ko tasleem kero dost . May bhi ishee qoum ka hissa hoo jo deah raha hoo wohee bol raha hoo ilzaam laganay say kon say hum sudar jahay gay

  • Well, here’s an awful truth for everyone. Religion of any sort is a desease. Desease for the poor and a weapon for the elite.

  • heavily penalize Khadim Hussain Rizwi for all the misconduct happened in name of protest…..make a example for any protest planner in future

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