Man Sues Mechanic for Faulty Installation of Car AC, Claims Rs139,000 in Damages

Have you ever been overcharged by a shop owner or provided substandard service by a mechanic or vendor? If yes, you can knock the door of a nearby consumers’ court as done by one of the Lahore’s car owner.

Yes, it actually happened!

A car owner from Lahore namely Nadeem Abbas moved to the consumer’s court against an AC mechanic for faulty installation of AC in his car against Rs24,000 charges.

As per details, a few months back Abbas paid Rs 24,000 for a car AC installation in his vehicle to a workshop owner in Bilal Ganj market.


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The AC, however, did not work according to the car owner and he had to suffer in the scorching heat of Lahore’s summers.

Abbas has pleaded the court to order the mechanic to pay him Rs139,000 in damages for the sufferings he had to undergo in the summer due to the faulty AC.

The case came up for hearing before a cosumer court in Lahore today. The consumers’ court judge, Qamar Ijaz, issued a notice to the respondent and sought a reply.

The court ordered the respondent to submit a reply by December 7 on the petition. The next hearing of the case is set for December 7.

  • Wah RE.. never knew that when court sends you Hearing Notice that’s considered as CASE WON in naya/purana Pakistan……. :D gonna open some petitions for misleading articles & headlines.

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