Xiaomi Takes on Apple’s AirPods With $29 AirDots

Xiaomi is known for its simple and inexpensive products despite rubbing shoulders with the big guys like Samsung and Huawei. It has recently made news for its new pair of wireless earbuds dubbed Mi AirDots Youth Edition.

The AirDots do almost everything that Apple’s AirPods do, but the latter comes with a price of $159 costing way much than the AirDots.

Unlike the AirPods, AirDots contain silicon tips, which enable better sound isolation and provide a more secure fit.

As for the other features, AirDots’ earbuds are pretty light, weighing 4.2g while holding a 7.2mm audio driver. Each one has a touch-sensitive area on one side to give the user control of the music payer, call answering, and catching up with the digital assistant.


Xiaomi is Launching Something Very Soon

These earbuds also support Bluetooth 5.0. Another remarkable feature of this accessory is its power efficiency. AirDots can work up to 4 hours if you are using both earbuds in stereo.

If you are using just one earbud, the battery life goes up to 5 hours. Moreover, if you are using them with a carrying case, the battery life becomes 12 hours in total, as the plastic case doubles up as a charger.

Not only this but AirDots also ensure a reliable signal, which is less likely to be affected by obstacles and other gadgets.

The earbuds will be up for grabs on November 11 in China for CNY 200 ($29/Rs. 3,864); however, you can reserve a pair beforehand. As for its availability in other parts of the world, Xiaomi hasn’t said anything yet.

Via GSMArena

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