Google Chrome Will Now Warn Against Sites That Trick You Into Paid Subscriptions

Google is updating its Chrome browser to better tackle the menace of sites that trick user into a paid subscription.

Explaining this in a blog post, Google noted that

Every month, millions of Chrome users encounter pages with insufficient mobile subscription information. Surprising charges that come from unclear communication are a poor user experience.

How it Works

It works in a deceptively simple way. For example, if you try to access a gaming site and they ask you for your phone number to continue (without mentioning anything) users think nothing of it and just enter their phone number. What ends up happening is that site charges you for a hidden subscription and you only find out when your mobile balance runs out or you see it on your monthly bill.

Starting next month, Chrome will warn you whenever you head to a similar website. You’ll get a clear warning that the site will charge you for a subscription, giving you the option to either proceed or return to the previous page.

This feature will go live in the Chrome 71 update due in December, which will also start blocking intrusive pop-up ads. It will start blocking those sites altogether to stop them from getting views.


New Chrome Browser Will Ad-Block Entire Websites That Abuse Ads

Other Browsers

Other popular browsers are also following suit to protect you from harmful websites. Mozilla has added better tracker protection in the latest Firefox update, while Apple has also made similar changes with Safari. Microsoft’s Edge has also received better password protection.

Google will be notifying the site owners that don’t clearly indicate their hidden subscription models, warning them to clarify their billing process.

Via CNet, Chromium Blog

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