No Trace of 150 Pakistanis Featured in Panama Leaks Scandal

The 2016’s Panama Papers Leaks scandal that ignited a process leading to complete change in the political landscape of Pakistan is not going to die down.

The scandal featured in the National Assembly session again on Friday when a member of the National Assembly of the religio-political alliance Muttahida Majlis-e-Ammal, Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali, raised the issue in the house.

The member asked the government to apprise the house about the actions it has taken so far against those 444 Pakistanis, whose names appeared in the Panama Leaks scandal.


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Reply the member’s query through a written answer, Minister for Finance Asad Umar informed that the government functionaries failed to trace 150 of the total 444 Pakistanis whose names appeared in the list.

The Finance Minister divulged this while presenting the details regarding action taken against Pakistanis listed in the Panama Papers.

The minsiter further revealed that 444 Pakistanis names appeared in Panama Papers, 294 of whom have been issued notices while the whereabouts of 150 individuals remain unknown hitherto.

He told the assembly that 12 individuals listed in the papers have died while four have renounced Pakistani citizenship.

Replying another question, the minister said 15 corruption cases involving Rs 10.9 billion are near completion.


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Umar informed the members of the parliament that an amount worth of Rs.6.2 billion has been recovered till now. He said the Federal Board of Revenue has also sought help from the Organization for Economic Cooperation.

Furthermore, Minister of State for Revenue, Hammad Azhar told the assembly that the FBR has acquired the data of 96,000 Pakistanis maintaining banks accounts overseas.

He said that these 96 accounts are separate from those concerned with Panama Leaks. He also resented that the previous government had deliberately avoided to take action against 242 individuals listed in the Panama Papers.

The state minister informed the assembly that the incumbent governement has initiated the proceedings against those 242 individuals as well.

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