Pakistan Pays Tribute to Allama Iqbal Today

“Words, without power, is mere philosophy.” – Allama Iqbal

There’s a good reason why Allama Iqbal is considered as Pakistan’s national poet. During a time when Muslims in the subcontinent were in a state of disarray in the 1930s, it was Iqbal’s writings that instilled a spirit of nationalism in them, helping give birth to the idea of Pakistan.


Today, Pakistan eulogizes the man who is affectionately referred to as the Poet of the East. On the occasion of his 141st birth anniversary today, Pakistanis belonging to all faiths will be coming together to remember the philosopher-poet.

Many intellectuals stress the need for understanding Iqbal’s message for us. Iqbal was a huge believer of ‘Ijtehad’ in the modern era, something that Pakistan also needs to reconstruct our social order for the better. There should be unity amongst Pakistanis, and an emphasis on character building rather than rote learning that has become commonplace in our educational institutions.


Iqbal’s Message

Today, let us reaffirm our belief in Iqbal’s teachings. According to the philosopher-poet, an individual should be socially and morally upright so that they can play their due role in society effectively. In doing so, we can overcome the challenges that Pakistan faces not only today but for the foreseeable future.


Iqbal envisioned an ideologically creative and morally sound mindset that isn’t at odds with the modern world yet also within the ambit of Islamic philosophy. He believed that instead of chasing after material possessions and money, we should focus ourselves on attaining spiritual fulfillment.


Last but not the least, Iqbal was a firm believer in keeping religion and politics separate. In 1931, while delivering a speech in London, he told his audience that if the church was kept separate from politics, World War 1 would’ve been avoided. He also told that peace in Afghanistan is central, something that is as true today as it was in 1931 when he made his prediction.


Let us unite and delve deeply in finding the true spirit of ‘Shaheen’ that Iqbal spoke of and wanted the Muslims to follow.

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