Hitting Your Children Even Occasionally is Worse Than You Think: Study

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released another study that further reinforces the idea that corporal punishment is bad for children’s emotional and mental development. While most people may think the occasional spanking isn’t that bad, the study “Effective Discipline to Raise Healthy Children” proves that not only is this method of discipline useless in the short run, its effects are detrimental to the physical, mental and emotional health of an individual in the long run.

The study proves that physical punishment will not only do nothing when it comes to curbing bad behavior but it will scar a child. In fact, it actually lays the foundation of negative behavior as an adult.

In case it isn’t obvious, the study says that you should never strike a child. Many countries have laws that have ruled out corporal punishment of children. In countries where this ban is fully enforced, spanking your children is a no go.

The problem arises when people think that the occasional slap or spank is OK.

Physical vs Verbal Abuse

This study lends support to another such study that details how positive reinforcement of good behavior is the best technique to curb bad behavior.

In addition to outlining the negative effects of physical abuse, the study also mentions how verbal abuse affects the brain, in a similar manner when one is physically disciplined. Both tactics can cause learning problems, increase violent tendencies, result in self-esteem issues as well as memory problems.

Both these tactics – verbal and physical abuse – when combined, can alter the brain’s architecture.

Link Between Corporal Punishment & Violent Tendencies

This study also draws on another research published in the journal BMJ Open. That study gathered data on the correlation between corporal punishment and violent tendencies in children. The bulk of the data came from the World Health Organisation’s “Health Behavior in School-aged Children” study.

It revealed that while 88 countries in the world do have laws that ban corporal punishment of children, some countries may have partial bans on striking children. These include countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and more where the occasional spanking isn’t all that bad.

Based on the BMJ Open study, among 50 countries, 30 of them impose a full ban on any physical punishment. Countries such as Sweden and Norway exhibited better mental, emotional and physical health in children with a substantially lower risk of violent, extremist tendencies.

In fact, the rate of violent outbreaks among children in those 30 countries was 69 percent lower for males and 49 percent lower for females in comparison to the 20 countries that had partial bans on corporal punishment.

  • Spare the rod and spoil the child
    Its parents duty to ensure good of every aspect of child, so punishment where required is mandatory.
    Jiza and Saza are basic aspects in life and beyond this life

    • Abusing children is not only A-OK but mandatory – College, 2018

      It’s clear that you didn’t read the article or the study. Nowhere in this study does it say that children shouldn’t be disciplined. There are ways of disciplining a child that don’t include violence.

      Countries that use alternative methods of discipline are not only first world countries, they’re flourishing in science, technology, education, and medicine (STEM). Human development index is one of the best in both Norway and Sweden. Where are we in this regard? Failing currency, parasites as politicians, terrorism problems, violence and murder rates through the roof, rampant crime, country still stuck in 18th century. We don’t even have a concept of what STEM is.

      If violence is the only answer you have to a child then please never reproduce. Nothing of value will ever be lost from the world if you never reproduce.

      • STEM MEANS Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. There are around millons expert of this subjects in Pakistan. You are giving lectures but you do not know about meaning of STEM. This is how you are progressing in wrong direction. We, Pakistani, will surely change the destiny of Pakistan.

      • and I bet you that you never know what is the meaning of “Study”. I tell you Study means Statistical study and I want to inform you that statistic can be based on lie. It is 100% possible. Unless and until all the parameter of studies and detailed report of study data is not available We cannot accept your result. One famous quote is that lie, lie and statistics, I want to rephrase this lie, lie and study

        • Agree… one should also know standard deviation and data sampling etc

          Also many concepts and things are comprehended differently in different societies. Drinking alcohol is fun in West. So things are relative. We need to develop our skills to analyse so called expert reports in our perspective.

          Nearly 50%+ population of West is illegitimate.So their mind set and ours have no match. Further I cant’ elaborate this as decency don’t allow.

    • Prophet Muhammad SAW never struck a child, never yelled at them; always spoke to them with love and understanding. There’s an instance where he stayed in sajda a lot longer just because Hazrat Hussain RA was on his back. He is the best model for us to follow and he never used violence against children. Yet whatever he taught us still prevails centuries later.

      It’s Muslims like you who give Muslims like us a bad name. Jiza and saza don’t have to be violent with children. Punish adults but don’t promote violence with children. You’re a child abuser and piece of ****, period.

        • Ha Ha

          Western spoiled and rotten family norms/structure advocacy being portrayed with the help of quoting religion

          Violence and (necessary) punishment are different things.

        • Is that sarcasm? I hope it isnt. He has a point. From sunnah, i am unable to find any example. There may be some. I dont know. However, when it comes to offering ones prayers, Islam tells a parent to beat the kid for the sake of compliance. Age restricting is either 9+ or 11+. However, our kids get beaten up more frequently at the tender age of pre/primary school. if thats not barbaric, what else is?

      • Shame on you spoiled child (your last sentence)

        You are ruthlessly bullying and neither know abc of parenting nor know how to respond sensibly

  • These studies are the most detrimental thing for the world. A country that bans corporal punishment for children is going to publish reports that support their policy.

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