Dubai’s Maraheb Restaurant is Coming to Pakistan

Dubai makes Pakistanis feel at home thanks to its expat community as well as the availability of Pakistani food. What if it were the other way around?

Someone’s trying to do just that by bringing the taste of Dubai to Pakistan.

Most foodies may be thinking of P.F. Cheng in Lahore. Now they can add one more destination to their list, as the famed Maraheb restaurant has opened its doors in Karachi.

While Pakistani cuisine is famous for its flavor and spices that pack a punch, most Pakistanis in Dubai love the Yemeni cuisine offered at Maraheb.

The mildly flavored meats and white rice offer a stark contrast to our colorful dishes. Yet the restaurant is already finding fans in Karachi.

The first branch of the chain will be opened in Karachi’s Bahadurabad area. Just so you don’t miss it, its’ located right next to Swenson’s Ice-cream parlor.

More Cities to Be Added

Maraheb is already considering expanding to other cities in Pakistan. Once the Karachi branch is up and running by next month, expect to see Maraheb in other cities too. You can check their Facebook page to keep track.

The restaurant will feature its’ signature dishes such as Zorbian Meat, Madfon Meat, Mandi Meat, and more.

With the arrival of Maraheb, perhaps other Arabic restaurants will discover how much of a big market Pakistan is. For now, we are glad that it is another fine addition to Pakistan’s already happening food scene.

  • You have never been to dubai. There are hardly any pakistani restaurants left. Most restaurants are indian serving vegetarian food. Indians and philipinos are in majority.

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