Helmets Will be Mandatory for Pillion Riders in Lahore from December 1st

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has directed the chief traffic officer (CTO), Liaqat Malik, to make it mandatory for pillion riders to wear helmets from December 1st without any discrimination.

The high court has also directed to issue challan tickets to motorcyclists without any side mirrors on their bikes. The Punjab Safe City Authority’s Chief Operating Officer, Akbar Nasir, had apprised the court that the introduction of e-challan has significantly decreased the violation of traffic rules.

He said that they have collected around Rs. 30 million in lieu of e-challan.

The CTO said before the court that the police department is strictly implementing the traffic rules. They have issued challans to 324,000 motorcyclists for not wearing helmets.

The court stated that it was satisfied with the performance of the traffic police. It further directed the CTO to issue challans to pillion riders for not wearing helmets from the 1st of next month.


Lahore Bans Entry for Bikers without Helmets on Mall Road

It needs to be mentioned here that earlier, the court had directed the inspector general of Punjab Police to ensure the adherence of helmet-wearing rule across the province.

Many lawyers had filed petitions asking for the implementation of traffic laws while expressing concern over the increasing road accident fatalities of motorcyclists.

One of the lawyers referred to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, which revealed that Pakistan faced 25.3 deaths per 100,000 due to road accidents. The rate is way higher than other countries.

The petitioners asked the court to direct the police to implement the traffic laws.

Via: Dawn

  • For those who don’t know, Pillion Rider/Seat = مگر[پچھے]الی سیٹ (in Punjabi)

  • Thanks Moazzam Baig… for this MAGAR AALI SEAT…..
    But Honoruable Chief Justice Sahib and CTO Sahib Please do something to activate Punjab Traffic police against Oneway Violations.
    Please BAN Chingchi Rickshaw in Lahore…. and File a Corruption Charge against who allowed this vehicle’s Design. Dangerous for both the Passenger and driver.

    Driving without proper mirrors how they can run this lethal vehicle on roads.
    I think some of traffic wardens also needs to be trained on traffic rules.

    There must be a sideline for bike riders. So that they could not violate the lane which is most left of the road.

    Chingchi Rickshaws must be banned in all Cities. They are major cause of Pollution as they dont have Catalyct Converters on their silencers.

    When 2 stroke vehicle is banned why it is being used in Chingchi rickshaws…..

    I am available to serve my duties if needed anywhere. Because i am very keen about traffic of Lahore.

    • Increasing the safety requirements is more better than banning them. Who will employ all those people connected to this profession?

      Road speed limits should be striticly imposed and people should be made aware of the roundabout and other traffic rules.

  • a couple of weeks back traffic wardens were in Bahria Town, Lahore stopping people for challans (especially motorcyclists).

    And what!

    they were asking cash instead of issuing a challan by saying “we will deposit on your behalf” hence forcing for bribes and fooling people.

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