Lahore Bans Entry for Bikers without Helmets on Mall Road

Lahore authorities are on a spree to improve the city’s traffic. Some of the biggest recent changes include a new e-challan system and a proposal to increase traffic violation fines by a whopping 2000 percent.

Now, the city’s traffic police is barring motorcyclists who refuse to wear a helmet from entering Lahore’s Mall Road. The road is famous for its historical significance, as well as its present status as a bustling market and dining out spot.

A media report says that the police is putting up signs to warn people on motorcycles that they are not allowed to access the Mall Road without wearing a helmet. Furthermore, the police also says that people who are caught on the road without a helmet will face penalties up to Rs. 700.

Stricter Traffic Control

According to a traffic warden on Mall Road, a number of policemen have been stationed at different spots on the road as well as its entrance, to stop such motorcyclists from gaining access to the road. These policemen will also collect fines on the spot from violators.


Lahore Police to Fine Motorists Not Wearing Bike Helmets

As part of its goal to improve the city’s traffic condition, the police will also arrest parents who allow their underage children to drive vehicles. These parents will be fined and even sent to jail, as per the Lahore High Court’s notice that enacted this new rule.

Other than that, the city’s new e-challan system will use CCTV footage to fine drivers who violate traffic rules. The system has already been put to practice, and will send fines to people to their houses. However, e-challans will only be issued for traffic signal breaches, though it will soon be used for other violations as well.

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