Music and Food Bring Thousands to Coke Fest 2018 in Lahore

The fiery people of Lahore, the delicious food, the heart throbbing sense of music and the chilly weather is what the nation’s biggest #Cokefest Lahore 2018 was all about. With the collaboration of Jazz and Coke, the excitement of masses reached its peak at the entertainment event.

The event was organized 40km away from the hustle and bustle of the main city but that didn’t stop the 250,000 Lahoris who flocked to the event, and once again proved that distance and problems cannot overcome their enthusiasm for food and music.

Jazz was at the event promoting JazzCash for smartphones. The team encouraged and guided its customers to open a JazzCash account and avail discounts of up to 40% on the various stalls at the event.

The vibrant stalls of big name brands like OyeHoye, Coca-cola, Kashmir Banaspati, Cocomo, Candyland, Uber, Innovative’s Digestive Biscuits and Jazz were all up to the mark.

Jazz and Coke had some standardized lounges as well in which people were welcomed to sit, relax and enjoy the food.

For the gamer crowd, Jazz also organized a gaming zone where youngsters could play games of their choice to their heart’s content.

Adjacent to the stalls was a beautiful lake packed with fountains that enhanced the ambience of the event. The jovial stalls of Bisconni and Candyland were the main focus of little children where different chocolates and candies were offered.

If you’ve missed the event, there’s no need to be worried!

Coke Fest is sponsoring more events in different cities of Pakistan. Folks in Karachi, Multan and Islamabad wouldn’t have to wait long to participate in #Cokefest.

For further announcements of upcoming events, visit Coke and Jazz’s official websites, the tickets can easily be booked online through Jazz cash accounts.

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