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Pakistani Engineer Develops Electric Bike With 100KM Mileage on a Single Charge

Pakistan has a large pool of talent from almost every walk of life. The country is producing leading doctors, sportsmen, scientists and engineers.

Similarly, Pakistan is also home to some great R&D and product development. Take for example this electric-bicycle.

Our engineers have developed an e-bicycle that complies with international standards.

Here are some specifications and features of this e-bike:

  • Top of the line materials ensuring durability and hassle-free use for 15 years.
  • Three modes: Full electric (100KM range), PedalAssist (165KM range), and Full Manual (Unlimited range).
  • Enough battery cycles to charge daily and last 15 years.
  • 130 mins to full charge, and 45 mins to 80% charge.
  • Top speed around 35 to 40 km/hr depending on weight.
  • Consumes 0.7 units of electricity for a full charge, costing around PKR 0.2/KM.
  • Digital dashboard, horn, front and backlights.
  • Top of the line motor and Shimano gears.
  • Safety features to prevent battery burn and auto cut off with breaks.
  • Total weight of the bike is around 18kg.

Have a closer look!

The Price Tag!

With the quality, comfort and standard requirements checked, the only problem with this high-end product is the price tag.

The initially suggested price for each e-bike is $600-$700 which is quite high given the abundance of cheaper Chinese products in the market.

Another demerit which might affect the sale of this e-bike is that on similar prices, conventional Honda CD 70 bikes are available in the market.

While some experts have suggested that this product could attract the buyers only if it is available at half of its price, around  $300, $350 others say that it should be sold at a price of $500.

Another expert, while referring to previous experiences, said,

With the biking culture totally out of vogue among the market segments that will be able to afford it, the price point is way off the mark for large quantity sales.

  • This is very good bike with features, and the price is very good for US/Europe region, if He plan to export to that region.

    • Chinese export to that part of the planet too. If the bike can’t compete against Chinese imports in Pakistan what makes you think it can compete against Chinese imports in US/Europe?

  • Need technical specification of battery,components, electrical system of bike.
    Above are just performance numbers.

  • This is not a problem for electrical engineers to solve. It’s a problem for businessmen. The parts for this bike are no doubt imported from the very people he’s trying to compete against i.e. the Chinese. They enjoy economies of scale and local production of parts such as LCD screens and batteries. There is no way Pakistan can compete against them.

    • Agreed. We’d need to manufacture our own batteries, motors, and gears for cheaper somehow to be able to compete here. Otherwise the Chinese will just copy this bike for cheaper and beat this guy at his own game.

  • If this is really developed in Pakistan then Price should be $300-350 and then it’s gona work here. People will consider it instead of importing from China. The current price tag is valid when it is capable enough to be exported in US and Eu markets. Great initiative though. Highly Welcomed. Local production will definitely make our economy flourish. But again, the price tag is required to be adjusted. May Allah bless every individual behind it and make this a successful project!

  • He can export to China… In china simple Bicycles are extremely expensive. Electric bikes will be a hit

  • simple. price $300 tak lay aoo or external market source ko band krdo for local benefits.
    otherwise chineese ko complete krna bhuoot mushkil hoga.

  • You don’t look at price when some one is creating original products or high quality products. You just run with R&D and especially innovation. That is how you would produce wealth and economic growth. Please invest money in strategical R&D and innovation.

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