PM Imran’s Foreign Visits Cost 5 Times Less Than Nawaz Sharif’s One Trip

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s six foreign trips undertaken from September 18 to November 20 cost the national exchequer Rs. 40.381 million in stark contrast of a single visit of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in 2016 to the UK for treatment that cost the national kitty Rs. 34.5 million.

Documents shared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the National Assembly showed that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif went to the UK on May 22, 2016 for treatment in a special plane. As the PM stayed there for the surgical procedure, the special plane returned. The special plane again went to the UK on July 9, 2016 to bring back the former Prime Minister.

The Foreign Ministry’s documents showed the VVIP flight cost the exchequer Rs. 34.5 million.

On the other hand, the details of expenditures incurred on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s six foreign trips show a cost of Rs. 40.381 million.

The breakup of the details shows that Prime Minister’s one-day trip to Saudi Arabia cost Rs. 3.09 million while the visit to Abu Dhabi cost Rs. 0.4 million.

An amount of Rs. 0.87 million was spent on the two-day visit to Saudi Arabia. Out of the six visits, PM’s 5-day trip to China proved to be the most expensive one. It cost Rs. 24.4 million to the national kitty.

The second trip to Abu Dhabi in November this year cost Rs. 3.9 million while Imran Khan’s visit to Malaysia cost Rs. 7.5 million.

  • I cannot believe on any statement coming from PTI. They are liars of the highest kind. They are cheaters and master manipulators.
    The real story is that our economy is drowning and PTI has no clue. The Mughal Khan has no clue that what is going on. Especially businessmen of Punjab are targetted.
    Also shame on the people of Punjab that they have voted and Installed Anti Punjab Khan on all of us. He will destroy Punjab just like PPP did in the past.

      • @Usman Cheema: The Cheema tribe has a huge history of serving the foreign masters and invaders. So slavery is in your genetics. You have to serve the masters. That is your nature.
        So keep on barking. This is your job and nature. You love to serve and you love licking the boots of everyone that enslave you and make use of you to reach the power circles

        • Oh my God man how dare you who gave you the authority to belittle a man based on his cast ? are you living in stoneage, this particular mindset perfectly portrays your character .Really this comment shocked me .I know it is wrong to call what Mr Usman Cheema said but this is just next level .Grow up man .

        • Grow up man, are you living in stoneage. Dosro par bat kar rahay hu hu skta ha k tmhari family ma kuch or e huta hu pichli peerdhio ma — so stop talking bullshit.

        • Soory for replying so lait now it is confirmed you are a patwari because when someone calls you and your chor leader choor toh people start crying have patience and see what is still coming abhi toh party shoru hoi ha ?????by the way hum toh cheema ha at least we are not patwaaris jinha nawaz Sharif khud b kahen ga yes i cheated i am a money launderer still you will say no mian saab AP shair ha shair so stop being patwari and start using your brain to see what is wrong or right I can and I will call nawaz Sharif choor because I am a tax payer of this country usna hmare paisa choori kiya stop defending corruption…..

    • Incompetence is more harmful for country than Corruption.

      We are losing more money due to PTI’s government Incompetence then previous governments corruption.

      • Is it? so corruption is what got us into 30 trillion debt, state institutions are making loss, Circular debt is 1200 even after paying 480 billion in 2013 when N league came into power and the list goes on! I mean what else corruption hasn’t done to this country?

      • I’d rather have an “incompetent” and “DETERMINED” man to handle my country, than to have a competent but CORRUPT one.
        Choose your pick. You can’t have competency from the womb of your mother. Also you can’t expect Khan to deliver in roughly MONTHS, when he has to clean up the mess from past 2 or 3 DECADES.

    • پی ٹی آئی کی حکومت میں اب عوام سو پیاز بھی
      کھائیں گے اور سو جوتے بھی۔ اور وہ بھی خوشی خوشی ??۔

  • It’s all still very expensive. I wonder where the money goes? Is it because of the entourage or the security arrangements? Is it because he doesn’t fly commercial but instead has to charter a whole plane?

    • Charter plane is already cost is given in the article: 34 million! If 10 ministers are traveling with average business class ticket cost of 300,000 rs, the total becomes 3 million Rs. Average 100,000 per night stay plus food and other costs would come to 1 million/day for 10 ministers

  • Still very expensive, leaders of a poor nation should not spend that much from the tax money of citizens.

  • ویسے اس ویب سائٹ کا نام اگر پرو پاکستانی سے پرو پی ٹی آئی رکھ دیا جائے تو زیادہ اچھا ہو گا۔

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