Racists Burn Down Pakistani’s Cars Worth £500,000 in London

A Pakistani businessman in the United Kingdom has fallen prey to a group of alleged racist terrorists who turned his business into ashes overnight. It is a common phenomenon in the UK and the US that people who hate immigrants try and force them to leave their countries.

Mohammad Tariq, who owns a car showroom in Barking, East London, claimed that an unknown criminal group has burnt his showroom which had cars worth more than £500,000.

Tariq claimed this was the second time his business came under attack in just six months.

“I had around 100 cars displayed in my showroom, but about six months ago, a Turkish gang stole my ten cars. I spoke to the police and after a lot of trouble, only one of the ten cars was recovered just two weeks back,” Tariq was quoted.

He added that the very next day after the retrieval of his car, another gang broke into his showroom after midnight, sprayed petrol and set the property on fire.

“The arson attack has caused damage of more than £500,000,” Tariq said, adding that he was stunned to learn about the incident that turned everything he had into ashes.

The Pakistani-origin businessman said he suspected the same gang was involved in this mishap and added that he has provided the police names and addresses of the suspects as well.

“It’s the same gang that stole my cars six months ago. The police have done nothing to catch the suspects. I have given the names and addresses of the people I suspect are involved in an attack on my business. The police recovered one car from the same gang yet it’s asking me to prove that the said gang is involved. I am shocked that the police is treating me in this manner. It’s shocking, to say the least.”

Tariq also complained to be ignored by the police authorities despite his regular attempts to approach.

“The cops are simply not interested in me. My cars worth more than half a million Pounds were burnt to ashes and the case officer doesn’t pick up my phone. You can see that most vehicles have been completely torched, with just the shells of the car bodies all that remain.”

Via: The News / Featured Image: Geo

  • unfortunately, it’s pakistani’s who have made this reputation in UK by defrauding insurance companies, that even police aren’t taking them seriously.

  • Another one to claim insurance. Because of this kind of ppl, Majority of other Pakistanis suffering. I live in London and know very well these gangs and how ppl like Mr Tariq use them for insurance purposes. I am sure there was not any active camera to record photage.

    • I know this guy very well,he targets vulnerable people to crash their car for cash and buy it from them at a cheap price this is his real business not car sales,everyday people fight over there,he sold me a stolen car and then he call me to give me another car,2 days after gear box gone ,then he keep the car and he slap me also he kept the car and he didnt give me my £4000 .this is called Karma.

      • How can he keep your money or sell you stolen car? There is DVLA website for car checks. There you can check whole life history from MOT to road tax everything in just few seconds. And if still you bought stolen car then i must say you deserve that.

  • “…a Turkish gang stole my ten cars…The arson attack has caused damage of more than £500,000…It’s the same gang that stole my cars six months ago -”

    The “racists” weren’t Brits but Turks?

    “It is a common phenomenon in the UK and the US that people who hate immigrants try and force them to leave their countries.”

    Turkish immigrants hate Pakistani immigrants in the U.K. and the U.S.?

    • im living in London for past 12 years and never faced any such hate or discrimination. Everyone here is supportive and hate attacks are very very rare here. This guy is just a liar and many friend from our community know him very well.

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