Sindh Threatens to Shut Gas Supply to Other Provinces

The Sindh government has threated to shut the gas supply to the other provinces and start a movement to protest against the closure of gas supply to the CNG stations in the province.

In a joint press conference, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Sindh Chapter, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, castigated the move.

“People from all walks of life are suffering due to the suspension of gas supply. Domestic consumers, CNG stations, industries, as well as small factories are all affected by the federal government’s decision to stop gas supply in the province,” said Khuhro.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab, the advisor to Chief Minister on Information, Transport Minister Owais Shah, and Energy Minister Imtiaz Sheikh also accompanied Khuhro.

Khuhro further claimed that Sindh accounts for the production of 71 percent of Pakistan’s gas. “Pakistan’s Constitution guarantees to fulfill the energy demand of the area where the gas is produced and then supply it to other areas,” he said.


Govt Shuts Down CNG Stations in Sindh for an Indefinite Period

He also criticized the current government for displaying a ‘step-motherly’ attitude towards Sindh. He claimed to have planned rallies in all district headquarters and announced that a large demonstration will be organized in Karachi which has to face the energy crisis due to the federal government’s incompetence.

The PPP politician also appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to review his policies and not make the people of Sindh come out on streets against the federal government’s discriminatory policies.

Transport Minister Owais Qadir Shah said that the closure of CNG stations has drastically affected the flow of public transport in Karachi.

“People are unable to get to work due to the shortage of transport,” he said.

At this occasion, Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that the closure of gas supply for the last three days is ‘sheer violation of Article 158 of the Constitution’. Since Sindh is contributing a major proportion to the gas production of the country, it has the first right on its resources.

Via: Tribune

  • very clever move to finish off PTI’s government by the opposition.. first they rejected LNG shipping now this

    • When did they reject LNG shipping? I am not aware of that. Also, they cannot finish PTI’s government through such antics. IMO, they are testing the federal government’s restraint regarding the imposition of governor rule. They want PTI to use that ultimate option; for becoming siyasi shaheed and thus springboard their fledgling political career, while also launching a wider movement for “democracy” in tandem with PMLN. The latter might just lead to the end of the current government while giving much needed hiatus to the corruption cases involving Zardari and Sharifs, which are going ahead full steam.

      • True they just want to become a siasi shaheed… Read the news about cancellation on gas shipment by Pakistan

    • SINDH Government responsible for Shortage of GAS :
      Sari Transport Khud CNG Pe Laye Ye Jante Howe Bhi GAS Shortage Hota Rehta hai
      Ab Ro Rahy ho :

      Keepit Work IK
      CNG Se Petrol Pe Ao

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