FIA Raids 14 Private School Chains, Siezes Records for Forensic Audit

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has seized the records of 14 private school chains in Lahore and Gujranwala for a forensic audit in accordance with the Supreme Court’s order.

FIA Punjab’s Deputy Director Khalid Anees told that the agency has taken possession of the records relating to the fees, salaries, and other affairs. After reviewing the records, they will submit a primary report to the Supreme Court in 15 days.

As per the details, the schools taken into account include The City School, Beaconhouse School System, Lahore Grammar School, Lahore College of Arts and Sciences (Lacas), Learning Alliance, Resource Academia of Punjab Group of Colleges, Alliance Resource in DHA Lahore and Gujranwala, Salamat School System, City Public School and Eden School System, Gujranwala.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Supreme Court had directed the private schools on Thursday to cut their fees by 20 percent. It also ordered the schools to refund 50 percent of the fee they had taken during the summer vacations.

A three-member bench of the apex court sat to hear the suo motu case regarding the fee hike. The court ordered to put a 5 percent ceiling on the annual increase and directed the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to look into the tax records and accounts of the private schools.

The audit reports of some schools presented before the apex court revealed that three directors were paid Rs. 8.3 million each as monthly salary.

The local newspaper Dawn has quoted FIA’s Additional Director Sajid Akram stating that the raids conducted at the schools were to seize computers, folders, and ledgers relating to accounts and finance.

Moreover, the agency issued further notices to the administration and accounts departments of the said schools to give more record.

Via: Dawn

  • Court Fee Decided Kare :

    Class Nursery to 5 tak (500 to 1500 Per Student Per Month Including All Types of Expense)
    Class 6 to 10 tak (1600 to 2500 Per Student Per Month Including All Types of Expense)
    If Some One Not Bear this Expense then Compensation Provided By School Upto 30%

    • Then how are they supposed to maintain the business?
      Before thinking as a customer put yourself in their place.
      2500 per student is pathetic.

  • I some how agree with Abdullah. If the fees are too low then they will hire sub standard teachers. Or worse even good qualified teachers will leave the country for a better life. We already are at the verge of a disaster as It is getting almost impossible to find good teachers.
    I think that there is a plan in affect to completey deprive this nation for education as well.
    Supreme court should have concentrated on getting government school up to the competition to these private schools and raise their budget so that they can have a good standard. But no one thinks to bring the actual issue to light and instead they just do things to make thier jobs easy. Shame on the governments and even SC

    • they give sh it salaries to teachers anyway. ask a school teacher what they get and how much work they have to do with that salary. stop ur sympathy for this mafia.

    • Well this is just a lame excuse. They just capitalize on brilliant students by giving them scholarships and using their pictures in their ads. NO HARD WORK from the school itself. Look at their failure rate they always try to hide. In fact, many such schools hire teachers with foreign outlook and attire to impress parents who are already suffering from inferiority complex. All their kids learn at such schools is how to look better than their classmates in an unending rat race that these schools encourage, whether it’s some social event or whether they celebrate a day or go on a trip or anything like that. These kids are churned out with identity crisis syndrome and wealth demonstration effect of their parents’ ill-gotten wealth. Look, how such schools have started sub-standard “comical” university colleges where substandard British degrees are doled out to those who could not get admissions in local universities. And, when you talk to such teachers or people in administration or even the owners, one can’t help but feel sorry about their level of intellect and integrity. Just don’t think your kids get substandard education, they already do but in a sugar-coated way! And when such owners show off their wealth wrung out of parents hard-earned there gotta be some accountability.

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