Samsung Smart TVs to Get PC-Like Features & Knox Security

Samsung is rolling out a new feature in its upcoming Smart TV lineup that will let the TVs remotely connect to other devices like smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

The feature, called Remote Access, will be available to use in the next Smart TV lineup coming in 2019, says the company.

Using this feature, you’ll be able to wirelessly connect and control compatible apps and content on other devices from your Samsung Smart TV. The wireless connectivity has been enhanced even further so that you can access most features without having to connect an HDMI cable.

Desktop Experience & Security

A Samsung Smart TV can wirelessly be linked to your other work devices, and you can even access files and folders on, say, your personal computer this way. Another cool bit is that this feature is compatible with some computer accessories, so you can connect a keyboard and a mouse to control your on-screen content.

What’s more is that while displaying your content from other devices on a larger screen, you’ll also be able to control it using the keyboard and mouse linked to your Smart TV, providing a computer-desk experience in your living room.

As for security, Samsung’s KNOX security measure is also being incorporated in the Remote Access feature for preventing data leaks and to ensure protection of the user’s Cloud storages.

The South Korean tech company’s Visual Business executive vice president Hyogun Lee said that wireless connectivity and similar features are being worked on to improve the overall experience, and to make Samsung products more convenient for its users.

Samsung is known for making some of the best display panels in the world, especially for its smartphone business. Other than the well-famed Galaxy smartphone series, the company is also known for its Smart TVs and other home appliances. It recently announced eight new everyday tech products that it will reveal at the CES 2019, which will also be the company’s first time revealing these many tech innovations at a single show.

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