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Toyota Increases Car Prices by Upto Rs.175,000

The manufacturer of Toyota cars, Indus Motors Company (IMC), has raised the prices of its vehicles by up to Rs. 175,000.

Apparently, the company has to shift the increased production cost resulting from depreciating rupee entirely on to the consumers. It bears mentioning that the vehicle manufacturer has increased the car prices four times over the last year.


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The recent increase in prices has come in the wake of weakening rupee, which has caused imports to become more expensive. The revised prices, rolled out at the advent of the new year, fall in the range of Rs. 75,000 to Rs.175,000.

Model New Price Old Price
Corolla XLI M/T Rs.2,044,000 Rs.1,944,000
Corolla XLI A/T Rs.2,119,000 Rs.2,069,000
Corolla GLI M/T Rs.2,299,000 Rs.2,224,000
Corolla GLI M/T Special Edition Rs.2,373,000 Rs.2,316,000
Corolla GLI A/T Rs.2,374,000 Rs.2,299,000
Corolla Altis 1.6 Rs.2,574,000 Rs.2,474,000
Corolla Altis 1.8 MT Rs.2,689,000 Rs.2,589,000
Corolla Grande MT-SR Rs.2,864,000 Rs.2,764,000
Corolla Grande CVT-SR Rs.2,999,000 Rs.2,899,000
Hilux 4×2 S/C Standard Rs.2,929,000 Rs.2,804,000
Hilux 4×2 Single Cab (Up Spec) Rs.2,959,000 Rs.2,834,000
Hilux 4×2 Single Cab Deckless Rs.2,674,000 Rs.2,549,000
Hilux 4×4 Standard Rs.4,159,000 Rs.4,009,000
Hilux Double Cab Standard Rs4,549,000 Rs.4,399,000
Hilux Revo G 2.8 Rs.4,859,000 Rs.4,709,000
Hilux Revo G AT  2.8 Rs.5,089,000 Rs.4,939,000
Hilux Revo V AT  2.8 Rs.5,399,000 Rs.5,274,000
Fortuner 4×2 HI Petrol Rs.6,399,000 Rs.6,249,000
Fortuner 4×2 Diesel Rs.6,799,000 Rs.6,624,000

It also needs to be mentioned here that the customers will be required to pay a withholding tax (WHT) of Rs.150,000 on the variants of Hilux 4×4 S/C STD.

Also, on the variants of Hilux Revo G-MT and V-AT, the WHT will be Rs.200,000. On both variants of Fortuner, the WHT will be Rs.200,000.

  • This is pure fleecing the public. These companies are earning like anything and still they have the guts to transfer the total burden to the customers. And funny part is that the customers are paying the price without any concern. Wow!
    I urge the public to wait for the other brands to enter the market and not be hijacked with these companies. The quality is also not that good if you compare with international level and charging more than what it is worth it. Seriously, if you look at the features these have been made available since ages in the japanese 660cc variants/models/cars.
    Similarly there is no one to monitor the prices of imported vehicles, what the dealers decide it is fixed as the selling price and in return they are earning more that what is fair.
    Government should look into this area as well and monitor and regulate this sector also without being compromised by this powerful cartel.

  • When will these LOCAL manufacturers actually LOCALIZE production? They are a net drag on the Pakistani economy.

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