Govt Decides to Disband Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Across Pakistan

The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) government is reportedly going to take yet another controversial decision by disbanding the Ruet-e-Hilal (moon sighting) Committee at all levels.

There are reports on local media that the PTI government had decided to discontinue the committee which, for years, has been led by Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman.

The alleged decision has been taken in the wake of ‘controversial’ decisions by the committee on the moon sightings which, according to the report, caused millions of rupees to the national exchequer.


Moon Not Sighted, Eid Millad-un-Nabi on November 21

The responsibility of the moon sighting would be transferred to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (Met) which has all the scientific equipment to predict the dates of moon birth, the report added.

The decision, if actually taken, might irk the religious faction of the society and will cause turbulence on social media for the incumbent government, but will put a full stop to the long-prevailing uncertainty on the sighting of the moon for when an Islamic month would start and end. Especially during the holy months of Ramadan and Zul-Hajj.


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Interestingly, the report has surfaced just a day after the chairman of Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Mufti Muneeb announced that the crescent of Jamadi-ul-Awal has not been sighted and the 1st Jamadi-ul-Awal 1440 Hijri will be on Tuesday.

Via: Daily Pakistan

  • Ab Ye Ghalat Ho Raha hai :

    • Kese?
      MET department has the equipment to verify moon sightings more accurately. Yehi ma’am ye committee walay to manually Kar Rahay thay, telescope use Kar k.

      • Youthias

        Ek din imam ko hata ky tape laga dyna q k digital daur hy, imam ka kam to ek cassette kr sakti hy. Namaz bhi ho jaye gi yahodiyat bhi aam ho jaye gi. Hyna???

        • wrong comparison, its like replacing a “street taught” mullah with religious scholar having in-depth knowledge of the religion. The people in Meteorological Department are more qualified for this job.

        • raheel ahmed

          Bhai islam me ye kahan hai kay chand sirf committee he dekhe gee.. jab aik department bana hua hai state ka to phir kya masla hai.

          • کچھ لوگ تنفید صرف تنفید کے لیے کرتےہیں۔ بہتری کے لیے نہیں۔ اور وہ بھای کی محدود سوچ نطر آ رہی ہے اُن کے الفاط میں۔

          • Jalil Jahanzaib Khan

            your point is also right..hmm

        • You seem to be oblivious of Ruet-e-Hilal Committee reports which have always caused a stir between different cities, due to disputed sightings. And there is no need for TWO departments to do ONE job. MET dept. k pas full equipment hay, and eyes bhi hain. Sirf qaari wali topi pehn k koi banda 100% accurate nahi ban jata.

      • Attish Zunghi

        Equipment is irrelevant in this religious tradition and context.

        • So if by using Equipment, you can draw a more accurate conclusion, it shouldn’t be used? By this logic, you shouldn’t use loud speakers for giving Adhan because using this equipment is irrelevant for giving Adhan, right?

    • Attish Zunghi

      It is a secular government, going against Islamic tradition.

      • Carl

        bhai konsa islamic tradition. its pakistani tradition only….
        Saudia/Gulf/Turkey kaheen bhi aisi committee nahin hey …..
        haan agar fee-sabililah karna hey to Ramzan aur zilhaj waley month mein akar MET department key control room mein ja kar dekh saktey heyn…

        • Jalil Jahanzaib Khan


      • MET dept will handle the moon sightings. Meaning they are not removing the condition of moon sighting, just making it more accurate by use of technology. MET dept has all equipment and they won’t just launch a shurli in the air on the basis of visual evidence only.

  • Akhter Wahab

    a much needed decision ..

    • Dair durust

      If I had an account I would give you a thumbs up👍🏻

    • Youthias

      Let’s play mp3 player instead of imam in bajamat namaz… Digital daur hy na bhai. Let’s do it too.

      • raheel ahmed

        mp3 player se zyada sabab milay ga kya? aisi baat karo jis ka koi sense banay. Itni kya majboori hai.

      • Hassam Tahir

        agreed. this will save salaries, which can be used to feed the poor. We should make use of technology wherever we can

  • I’m not understanding this, can someone will correct me? Who will see the moon now? Like scientist? Or what

    • Ovays Anwar

      MET Dept

    • Owaiis

      The responsibility of the moon sighting would be transferred to the Pakistan Meteorological Department.

    • Kulsoom

      Excellent point. A non Muslim sycophant, most likely will be telling us when to observe Ramzan and Eid.

      • Carl

        bhai MET department mein bhi muslim hi hotey heyn… ye department pakistan mein hi hey palestine mein nahin hy… so dont worry… chand hi dekhna hey … bomb sey urana nahin hy..

      • Wah teri zehnaiyat ko Salam.

  • hamid

    I think good decision in this modern era, there’s no more need of this comittee.

  • Owaiis

    Good decision.

  • I support this decision. It makes more sense to confirm the moon sighting scientifically, which will also eliminate the human error, something which was happening a lot in the curecur version of Ruet-e-Hilal Committee.
    Further, I would encourage the Govt to control Mr Popelzai as well, who always goes against the writ of the Govt and makes their own decisions.

    • M Waseem Akhtar


    • Mohair

      U turn taken. Government claims this news as fake.

      • Ab ProPK bhi fake news publish karne laga hay without confirmation first. I am losing turst in this media.

  • Wow!! Weldone this is what I was expecting. Just notifying about few moon sighting and getting paid and getting amenities for whole year long!! Aur phir chaskay lenay!! Tahmeed band ker chand ka nazer ana ya na ana batana!!

    • Xahid

      Just for your information, they don’t any Salary!

      • Their official expenses are all born by the govt in lieu of salary. Don’t act so naive.

        • Sarfaraz

          What are official expenses? Dinner / travelling on moon sightings days! So, MET dept. will bear these expenses by their own pockets?

          • Xahid

            Well, can’t argue with brainless?

          • Food, traveling, accommodation, equipment. And this happens not only for the central committee but for all of its regional subcommittees as well.

            Pak Met has dozens of observatories across Pakistan. They are already doing this work while within their budget – and scientifically. They were just being superseded by a redundant organization in terms of the official announcement.

            • AM Khan

              This is a fake news. Govt just took a U turn. Watch today’s news.

              • How is it a uturn if it is fake news?

                • Jalil Jahanzaib Khan

                  your point has a logic…

      • Hassam Tahir

        Just for your information, they do.

  • Bilal Khan

    No need of committee, Just accept the dates of Saudi Arabia, why not we follow the dates of Saudi Arabia just like Afghanistan, iran, other middle eastern countries.

    • raheel ahmed

      Bhai har mulk ko apni hudood me chand dekhna hota hai.

    • Different geographical location can affect the moon sightings. That’s why.

      • Jalil Jahanzaib Khan

        i like your comments as you’r commenting with reason and logic.

  • Shehzad Ahmed

    After Tax on Cigarette (Which should be much higher) this is the second good decision of naya Pakistan govt.

    • M Waseem Akhtar

      Agreed. Is ky ilawa sab kaam farigh hein is Govt ky.

      • adeel

        chalo farig kam hi kr rhe ha corruption tu ni kr rhe……its like homeopathic medicine no profit no loss

  • Xahid

    Pakistan Meteorological Department, they can’t even tell you the correct weather condition in every day!

    • M Waseem Akhtar

      They are using decades old equipments. Hilal committee expense should be used to better arm the Met Dept.

    • Can you suggest ONE such dept. in whole world which can accurately predict weather (or any other seismic activity?) They can only hint you with evidence. Hona na hona ALLAH k hath main hay.

      • Xahid

        My Mobile phone can tell better weather condition than MET!

        • Waqar Hussain


        • Anas Singularity

          lol…maybe MET will also use a smartphone to tell moon sighting then…
          ps: smartphone cud b bought from that budget n rest cud b donated to the DAMn fund

  • Askarian

    Good decision. Should bring some unanimity with all the provinces.

    • Aslam

      U turn already taken.

  • Zaki Uddin

    good step

  • Adeel Tariq

    Great decision 👍

  • Atif

    now someone go tell govt / people /mufties that Pakistan’s border spread from north south east west and Islamabad or Karachi aint pakistan.
    if populzai can see moon at that border than go there and do the moon sighting.

    • NO INDIVIDUAL should be allowed to handle such matters, when there’s a Govt. department available for that. No other muslim country has such tradition where ONE individual (populzai in this case) rises up and ALWAYS goes against the decision of a Govt. (irrespective of the decision being correct or otherwise).

      • Atif

        you missed the point, read again.

        • I get your point. You’re basically saying to act in the greater good of Pakistan. I’m just adding to that point, by saying that individuals shouldn’t do this when there are departments available. People should follow Govt.’s decisions, instead of individuals.

          • Atif

            let me rephrase a little.
            govt should send the proper team to either part of Pakistan to sight moon.
            it makes zero sense to look for moon in Karachi or Islamabad when you can easily see same from either border of Pakistan.
            Pakistan doesn’t end up in Islamabad or Karachi.
            hope now you got the point.
            populzai like only stand up when govt have senseless requirements.

            • Atif

              we only make fun of pathans … lo peshawar me pehlee eid ho gayee hee haa hoo….
              oh bhai peshawar is in Pakistan and govt should go there if theres a chance of signing moon there.

  • Imran Ahmed

    Ruet e Hilal is a ridiculous organisation. Lunar calendars are easily determined centuries in advance. But since we do not argue with Haj dates issued by KSA it will be logical to also follow their remaining calendar dates to promote Muslim solidarity.

  • Pyro

    it is a Good Decision by Govt. This Useless Mufta Committee consumes Millions of Rupees each Year for Just Announcing Moon Sighting 4 Times a Year.
    Their Moon Sighting Decisions are also False.

  • Geekpk

    In every Muslim country the moon is sighted by the govt. good decision

  • Kulsoom

    The responsibility of the moon sighting is with human eyes. Pakistan Meteorological Department can only be secondary. It has all the scientific equipment to predict the dates of moon birth. No kidding! I have a NASA authenticated program on my computer that can make mathematically precise predictions, for the Moon and planets, for over 99years. But in Islam looking for the crescent Moon is Sunnat, a get together neighborhood family tradition, a socio-religiousness cultural tradition. Math can only be a secondary in this context.

    An anti Islam anti Sunna government has been installed in Pakistan. Pakistani Muslims must take serious notice of where it is headed. Its playing secretly with Israel has been exposed. Its imprisonment and torture death of Muslim scholars is now established. Soon it will want to undo Partition and join up with India’s Akhand Bharat Plan.

    A dangerous hypocritical anti Islamic clique has usurped command in Pakistan by engineering the elections, disqualifying and imprisoning all opposition and secretly parlaying with anti Muslim forces abroad.

    • Aslam Azhar

      Excellent point Kulsoom. Next they will set up a digital player for the Azan. Heck why not for the prayers too! Digital recorders lined up can follow the Digital Imam in the mosque for prayers!

      • Zafar

        Ha, haha! Too funny Aslam. I can visualize all those digital Muslims lined up in the mosque behind the Digital Imam. We can only guess where this anti Islam anti Muslim government is going but Naya Pakistan is moving away from Islam.

      • There’s no harm in doing it, especially when there’s no Moazzan readily available.

    • An anti Islam anti Sunna government has been installed in Pakistan. Pakistani Muslims must take serious notice of where it is headed. Its playing secretly with Israel has been exposed. Its imprisonment and torture death of Muslim scholars is now established. Soon it will want to undo Partition and join up with India’s Akhand Bharat Plan.

      The so called muslim scholars have done nothing but divide people on the basis on religion. These are the same people who issue fatwas for killing non-muslims, even when there’s no evidence of their wrongdoings proved in courts.
      PEOPLE LIKE YOU are the reason why this country is at this place now.

  • Attish Zunghi

    What is going on? Pakistan’s government seems to be ditching Islamic values and traditions one by one. Does it have a hypocrite liar masquerading as a Muslim in the prime minister’s chair?

    • Where does the article say that they are completely eliminating the tradition of moon sightings? It only says that now more technologically capable department will handle this, i.e. MET dept.

  • Alfred Wagner

    Tough to say if this is another step by Mr. Khan’s Naya Pakistan moving away from its Islamic religious traditional past to favor acceptance from communist China, Zionist Israel and merge with Hindu India?

    • Tough to say if you’re just trolling or actually being serious.
      Where does the article say that they are completely eliminating the tradition of moon sightings? It only says that now more technologically capable department will handle this, i.e. MET dept.

  • Carl

    is committee mein bhi kam sey kam 100 log hongey… jo sirf chand dekhnay key arboo rupee latitee hongy…….

  • Junaid

    No harm in using MET department.. Why it has to be a maulvi looking towards the moon??


    Good Step, Stop the Monopoly of one and Only Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman.

    • Kulsoom

      Are you implying that Islamic culture and tradition be set aside?

  • disqus_UsutyRDo5B


  • AM Khan

    U turn already taken.

  • Abu Zaid

    Limiting discussion to moon-sighting, the idea is to see it with Naked Eye. If there are clouds, you are not suppose to fly a plane over them and confirm the sighting. Same applies to Met Department and using Scientific Calculations, ambiguity is what we are looking for.

  • nauman

    For all you Pakistani disinformed persons in All Muslim Countries Eminent Scholars committes along MET Offices decide the signhting of new moon.

  • Ali gilani

    Great work. It should have been implemented earlier.