Czech Model Tereza Faces Upto 10 Years in Jail for Drug Smuggling

Czech Republic’s model, Tereza Hluskova, is facing up to 10 years of imprisonment if convicted in the drug smuggling case.

Tereza was arrested last year in June at Lahore Airport after she allegedly attempted to smuggle 9 KGs of heroine to Abu Dhabi.

The 21-year-old model was presented before a local narcotics court on Tuesday for the last hearing of the case.

The model girl pleaded not guilty before the court after which the trial was wrapped up. The court is expected to release its verdict by the end of January, and if the Czech citizen is convicted, she may face up to ten years in jail.

Since her arrest in 2018, Hluskova has informed investigators that she had come to Pakistan with an intention to work as a model and that someone put narcotics in her luggage. However, she reportedly changed her stance and said that she had come to learn about Islam in Pakistan. The Czech diplomats are in contact with the lady and have also provided her with legal assistance.

  • So sad i am feeling sorry for her she could have gotten modelling contract or a chance to do a role in some Pakistani movie instead she choose the wrong path.

  • Bhai, in heading you presented like she is proven guilty. And below in article you say “IF CONVICTED”. Isn’t this called clickbait?

  • she should be put on ECL and asked to do modeling for 2 years and pay a huge fine then she can be freed….

  • This does not seem to be a simple case as it is shown. It should be investigated what made her come all the way to Pakistan and who invited her. There should be some local connection in this case. And when the matters did not turn out to be in the favour of the local connection she was probably trapped with drugs. Might be one scenario.
    Did she think that she would enter AbuDhabi with these drugs if by chance she would have gone clear from Pak.
    I wonder why these models are doing work other than what they are supposed to do. Or maybe this is their real work. Wallahualam.

    • Should be a local connection?
      Bhai there IS a local connection. Not to mention the abundance of drugs in our educational institutes. Also, let’s not forget how Zardari’s Ayan Ali was caught with a bag full of money.
      So this isn’t something new. It’s just that she’s the one who got caught.

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