Zong 4G Executes Fastest Site Rollout of 2018

Zong 4G has reached a new touchstone for excellence by carrying the fastest site rollout in 2018.

It successfully completed more than 1600 4G sites in the frame of few months to strengthen its network for addressing the evolving demands of the new age customers.

More than USD 3 Billion has been invested by Zong 4G for mobile network infrastructure development across Pakistan. With massive investments, Zong 4G is confident that it will continue to provide fastest, seamless and most reliable 4G connectivity to each and every citizen of Pakistan.

Purporting the most advanced and modernized network in the industry, extending over 10,000 4G operational sites, Zong 4G has and will remain to be at the forefront of leading Pakistan’s data revolution from the ground-up, enabling students, corporates and people from all walks of life to experience the digital lifestyle.

“In 2018, we experienced massive growth in data users. By hosting the largest data traffic of Pakistan we have continued to dominate the market. Our precision for customer centricity has enabled us to deliver more value to our customers through our top-notch services and innovative digital solutions. We expanded our footprint in rural and corporate settings. Our aim was simple to lead the digital innovation across Pakistan.” Shared the company spokesperson

Through its expansion endeavors, Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network reinforces the 4G dominance market.  Thus, with best, reliable, fastest and most affordable 4G services, Zong 4G is defining the new standards of excellence in the industry.

  • What is the benefit of all these investments if they can’t provide reliable internet speed even in Lahore? I live in Ichra area near metro bus stop and at peak times downloading speed hover around 0.2-0.8 Mbps.

    • Just so they can brag about coverage. Their speeds will always be well below Jazz and Telenor.

      • Yeah!
        Their customer care department doesn’t seem to care about anything. I have contacted them several times and each time they come up with a unique solution to solve the problem. One solution was to use the internet after 12:00 :P

    • Considering PTA was 10 years late with the 3G auction, I wouldn’t put it past them to do the same with 5G.

      Just because it’s being rolled out this year in the west doesn’t mean it’ll come here as well.

  • It’s a past story when there is no competitor of Zong 4G but now Jazz is far better than Zong because Zong is not stable it’s fastest and next it’s lowest. Kindly manage that issue either no one interest in that how much you have 4G sites.

  • zong is nuts, they are paying only to the marketing, they are the worst now, jazz is performing much better now

  • its called to future planning by Zong, If Zong will doing working in the same sprite then Zong its no.1 in FUTURE

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