Indian Army Chief Admits That Pakistan Shot Down Their Spy Drones

Indian Army Chief, Bipin Rawat, has confessed that two of their spy quadcopters were shot down by the Pakistan Army near the Line of Control.

Rawat made this statement during a press conference in New Delhi on Thursday.

While speaking to media, Rawat said two of their quadcopters sent across the LoC with the intention of spying over Pak Army were taken down.


Pakistan Just Shot Down an Indian Spy Drone

With this statement, not only did he confess spying over Pakistan but also exposed the Indian army’s incapability.

Indian army chief shamelessly accepted his army’s involvement in ceasefire violations at LoC, despite knowing that the civilian population lives in proximity on Pakistan’s side of the line.

His remarks have further strengthened Pakistan’s stance against Indian atrocities both in Occupied Kashmir and on the Line of Control.

Bipin Rawat’s presser also confirms Pakistan army’s claims about shooting down enemy’s spy drones early in the month.


Pakistan Shoots Down An Iranian Spy Drone in Balochistan

“Not even a quadcopter will be allowed to cross LOC, In Shaa Allah,” ISPR Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor had said following the incident.

So far, Pakistan has taken down three Indian spy drones in as many years.

It all started in November 2016, when our brave soldiers shot down an Indian UAV (unmanned armed vehicle) in Rakhchikri sector along LoC.

Then in October 2017, another attempt of intrusion by the Indian army was foiled as Pakistan army shot down another spy quadcopter in the same sector.

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  • Dear Indian Army,

    We Want to Kill to All of You But Unfortunately Your Drone Is NO MORE

    Wait Battle of Hind (According to Islam) We Will Definitely Kill to All Of You

      • This is not extremism. We are repeating of haidth of Sallaho Wali Wasalam. If you truly understand Islam then Islam is not extremist religion. It is very flexible and moderate religion. According to haidth, at that time we will have to fight for sake of ummah. We are not pharaoh. You know that by the history of Islam and you will also know pharaoh was the ruler of jews. I mean Jews doctrine promotes pharaoh.

  • Baseless story. I am surprised how you people (and Pakistan Army) is celebrating shooting of a Dji Phantom Drone claiming it to be a spy drone from the Indian Army. First of all it is just a normal quadcopter which is used by many enthusiasts many of whom are just photographer or videographers. I doubt that they would use such a low category for spying.

    In the world of satellite imagery, it is nothing more than foolish to use and more importantly celebrate the shooting down of a quadcopter.

    By the way I am also surprised why this so called press conference itself in which the army chief admitted using Dji Drones has no mention in Indian media. No date, time or location of the said press conference is mentioned.

    Extremely poor standards.

    • Dear Tuch’cha boy:
      Quite clearly, as per your nation’s habit, you are commenting without even reading the article.
      We are not celebrating “claiming” your army chief admitted it himself — read the article first.
      Then, if such spying was irrelevant in satellite era, why would the most advanced countries in the world be doing it, like USA, Russia, and UK, where there was a recent military takeover of their airport due to exactly similar drones.
      Why it has no mention in India is because your press is just an arm of RAW whereas Pakistan has free press.
      Your press does nothing more than copy and paste your army’s press releases and makes fake movies on events which never existed as per international media and intelligence sources, such as the foolish fairy tale called “Surgical Strike” — yet rather than be ashamed, you continue to pander to your army’s wishes by making lies and deception part of your movies to force people to believe something that never existed — at that time all international media visited the border and saw with their own independent assessment that your army chief, and PM lied to the world.
      So much so that there was a pandemonium in your parliament over this.
      And yet still we see “Uri” the fake movie.
      You people live all your lives inside Bollywood — come and smell the roses, and stop trying to deceive the world with your lies and hypocrisy.

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