Private Schools Unwilling to Reduce 20% Fee Despite Supreme Court Order

In a historic decision, the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) had ordered all the private schools across the country to reduce their fees by 20 percent.

The order to decrease fee and return half the fee charged for summer vacations applied to all the upscale schools which charge more than Rs.5000.

But, it has been learnt that several private schools in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are not following the apex court’s orders.

This has not only irked the parents but also angered the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar who passed the order while hearing the Suo Motu case.


Supreme Court Orders Private Schools to Cut Fee by 20%

Owners of several private schools in Rawalpindi have refused to reduce the fee until they receive a detailed verdict on the case.

A resident of Rawalpindi, Chaudhary Imran, is one of the thousands suffering parents. Here’s what he had to say about the issue.

My two daughters are enrolled in SLS School in Montessori classes at Zafran Campus. I pay Rs.5500 tuition fees for each of them.

He said the school management has told him they will neither reduce the fee nor will they return any money charged during summer vacations.


Cutting Private School Fees Will Only Bring More Problems

“I am being forced by the school management to deposit full fees of my daughters, and the school administration will decide later whether the order of the Court should be obeyed or not,” he said.

He asked the CJP to take action against school management.

Another parent, Hassan from Islamabad came up with a similar story:

“My three children are studying at AIMS School System in Islamabad. The management has been charging full fees from students, which is a clear violation of the apex court’s order.”

Upon contact, the SLS School management said they’d directed their accounts department to prepare for the return of fees, but, are waiting for the detailed verdict.

“We received an interim verdict of Court comprising eight pages and are waiting for issuance of a detailed verdict by SCP,” they said.


FIA Stars Crackdown Against Private School Owners Over Corruption Charges

The Supreme Court has been informed of several instances in which school management has either mistreated students or parents in the wake of top court’s December order or has slashed staff.

Justice Nisar ordered the Law and Justice Commission to prepare a report of such incidents and present before the bench in the next hearing.

During the hearing, the Private Schools Association President Zofran Elahi told the bench that the f private school owners would bear massive losses if they return one month fee in line with the apex court’s order.

On this, CJP remarked, “Then shut down the schools, I will show how to shut them down. If you wish to close the schools, close them.”

Via: The Nation

    • Yes and Beacon house also fired so many staff and teachers who were already earning less than the minimum wage. Even though their directors and heads earn in millions. Laanat on this Beacon house organization…. Education should be a part of ones business portfolio.

  • Bring standard of public schools up to private schools, so parents don’t have to send their kids to private schools.

  • “Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered all the private schools across the country to reduce their fees by 20 percent.”
    This is an arbitrary order devoid of reason, knowledge and or even commonsense. The supreme court should take advice from a management expert or an accountant who should instruct it, help it understand the balance sheet, income statement, operating income, expenses, and the bottom line. Then the SC may be able to understand the ramifications of reducing fees by 20%. Is that too much too ask?

  • CJP’s remark: “Then shut down the schools, I will show how to shut them down. If you wish to close the schools, close them.” Makes no sense. How is forcing school closer a constructive solution. I wonder if this guy is firing on all cylinders.

  • CJP is completely out of order. He seems to have no idea what he is talking about. What is he thinking. He seems not to know anything about the subject. Does he not know anything about economics, accounting, management. When you take out 20% from revenue, how do you meet expenses and overheads?

    • From the over 100% profit they are earning.
      As the schools to submit an audited annual report — so we can all see. Education is not simply a private business, it is also a social responsibility — while it is true that this responsibility should be rendered by the government, regulation is part of all government’s mandate.
      Specially democracies.
      I know most of us have not tasted real democracy, but only two-man democracy in the last 30 years — but if we need to move forward, then capitalism must be balanced by government oversight — and that is standard everywhere in eth world, including USA an Europe.
      And yes I have lived in both these regions, before you ask.

  • The Pvt School System is a mafia. Being a former A Level Student of The City School I know that the fee is unjustified at every level. People who are in support of this mafia should not degrade their selves furthermore. CJP’s directive is binding

    • Very well said. Sorry to say this as calling someone Patwari means you have no sense & you just label the opponents as Patwaris. But the fact is that N-League supporters are actually bashing chief justice everywhere and opposing court’s & govt’s each and every decision. Just because they hate this CJ & this govt…
      SO yessss… these all haters are N-league supporters aka Patwaris

  • Police / Ranger Ko Permission De De : Agar Fee Koi School Wala Na Kam Kare / Ya Return Kare to School K Head of Teacher, Principle, Head Master, Owner Etc Ko Utha K Jail Main Daal De

    Aur Payment Voucher Ek Idhare Ko De Jaha Fee According to CJP Instruction Print Out Nikle & Then Bank Chlan Pe Payment Ho Jaye.

  • one school should not be targeted. Because it is a general phenomena. Image should be removed of beacon house school.

  • You guys should also focus on the Staff/Teachers these private schools are firing just because of the fee reduction. These schools charge extremely high fees to students yet they pay very less to the teachers and other staff. After this decision they have even started firing their staff. I know of people who have no other source of income and they are being fired, where will they go and how will they manage their family expenses…. CJP should also take notice of such cases and keep a strict eye on private schools, apart from Fee reduction they should not fire their employees as well…. These are the same schools whose Directors and Heads are earning Millions of Rupees monthly, yet they resolve on firing their staff who is already earning less than the minimum wage, instead of taking a hit on themselves.

  • Well said! @ Taha Najam, @Anonymous and @Patriot…

    1. This Cheapest of all the justices is a fauji-backed, former PCO judge. So everything he says or does is a divine scribe.FULL STOP.

    2. Most effected by this populist decision by Saqib are, and will be the teachers and other staff. Most schools have already ceased their annual increments if they have survived from service termination.

  • Jaffar public school (JPS) is also not obeying the orders of SC. I have my two children studying in JPS and recently received fees challah for two months without any reduction.
    Do let me know the right forum where I can highlight this so that the authorities may take an action. Thanks

  • St Michaels school Clifton Karachi has applied 20% reduction on amount above Rs 5000/- which is their interpretation of court orders. Provincial govt should look into it as it pertains to thousands of students here

    • Masood true that. My son studies in the same school and am facing the same thing. Nobody can help us

  • This is unfair, school management is now playing with words, taking the SC orders for granted, either the government personals are still helping them or schools have no fear.
    The order is of 20pc reduction on the fee is applicable on those schools who are charging over Rs 5000/- …..

    My son studies in St Michaels Karachi, today’s meeting with the so called legal team explained me that the order is to reduce 20pc anything above 5000/- not on the total tuition fees. Bravo!!!! 9800 total fees, 4800 above on 5000, so the 20pc reduction will be applicable only on 4800 and reduction would be 960 rupees ..

    All this hassle for 960 rupees is meaningless. Education is the best business, no sense of a social responsibility we can ever have here.. Ashamed to discuss further

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