PM’s Task Force Recommends to Remove Taxes on Internet

Prime Minister’s Task Force on IT and Telecom has proposed that the 12.5% Advance Income Tax on internet services must be eliminated.

Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, chaired the second meeting of Prime Minister’s Task Force on IT and Telecom on Tuesday.

Federal Secretary for Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Maroof Afzal, was also present in the meeting. Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman attended the meeting as co-chairman of the task force.

The three Sub Task Forces on IT, Telecom, and Human Resource Development gave recommendations regarding IT, Telecom and HRD sectors.

The Sub Task Force on IT gave the recommendation to set up special technology zones in the country to enhance IT exports. They also stated that the image of Pakistan’s IT industry will improve by establishing special technology zones in country.

Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman said that instead of setting up special technology zones from the start while developing land for this purpose, existing buildings or infrastructure can be designated as special technology zones.

On the sale of spectrum, Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman said that spectrum should be allocated in the right manner. He also emphasized on the need to promote locally manufactured products like mobile phones, computers, laptops etc.

It is also proposed that IT-related small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should be empowered by establishing special technology zones.

The members of the Sub Task Force on Telecom observed that the telecom taxes in Pakistan are among the highest in the world. It was proposed that 12.5% of Advance Income Tax on internet services must be zeroed.

The meeting was told that 1000 union councils in the country have fiber cable connectivity and the target is to connect 3100 more UCs with fiber cables for broadband supply.

It was also recommended to develop digital content for all subjects at schools and colleges besides giving IT training to students.

  • Very good decision , developed countries ke copy na krein , aor tax zero krein internet pay b aor mobiles pay b aor second hand phones ke import b open krein aor jitny marzi mobiles kii ly k aa saky Pakistan mein , aor personal computers pay b tax khatam krein , baqi companies sales tax dein lekin wo device ke price mein include na ho bal k un k operating profit say lein uy

  • Good News. I hope yeh recommendations jald he implementations main tabdeel hon but i am afraid k Finance Minister Asad Einstein Umer jo wesy bhe paison k liye rooty phir rhy hain woh nahi manain gy.

  • Main nahi manta ,,, main nahi manta….. PTCL wo company hai advance tax khatam ho bh gaya to ye log kahen gey ham apko sath me ek useless chez or de den gey lekin prices kam nae hon gi … in case agar tax khatam ho bh gaya to.

  • This WHT (bhata) tax ion technology is unheard in rest of the world. here it’s imposed on such a wooing rates. shame on policymakers.

  • 12.5pc AT and 19.5pc GST both are haram taxes. There shouldn’t be any taxes on the internet. Agar lagana be hai toh 50 Mb+ par lagaye.

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