Brave Browser Gives You Cryptocurrency to Watch Ads

Ads can be an annoying experience when browsing the web, right? They are intrusive, annoying and don’t even get me started on pop-up ads. And then there are some websites that don’t even let you browse if you’ve got an ad-blocker on. All in all, it’s a terrible experience dealing with ads.

So what if there’s a way to get paid for just viewing ads? Wouldn’t that be nice? That’s exactly what Brave Browser is aiming to do.

Get Paid To Watch Ads

Brave browser has been one of the few that block ads in an effective way. It not only respects the privacy of the user by completely blocking ads but since websites rely on ads for their revenue, Brave creates Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for websites that you visit frequently. So, whenever you visit that particular website, the browser creates tokens and when they reach a certain threshold, they can cash out those tokens.

So, what Brave is changing now is in its latest Brave developer version, it will give you the ability to start viewing privacy-respecting ads in the browser.

These ads do not track your activity or browsing history and users can opt-in to see up to 20 ads per day. Once the Brave 1.0 version releases for the public, users will receive 70% of the revenue from the ads they view.

On average, you can expect to get paid $5 for viewing 120 ads per month.

But what’s the catch?

As is tradition, there’s always a catch with services like these and the catch here is that Brave says that you can’t withdraw your tokens and convert them directly into cash, yet.

On the contrary, Brave encourages you to spend these tokens on rewarding your favorite websites instead. The company’s CEO, Brendan Eich, made it much clearer with the following statement:

The idea is for users to get the big revenue share and give back to their top sites and creators.

You can download the developer version of Brave from here and the public version from here.