Maulana Tariq Jameel Left Stunned by Mentalist’s Talent [Video]

Mind-reading is an art little appreciated in Pakistan. Recently, a mind-reader, Shaheer Khan took the internet (read Pakistan) by storm thanks to his skills. He can actually read your mind, believe it or not.

What happened when Shaheer Khan met the renowned religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel is surely going to give you goosebumps. A video has been circulating over the social media where Khan can be seen reading the mind of the cleric. While the video is old, it has only just started going viral on social media.

Maulana’s reaction at the end is priceless and it is definitely worth watching. Here’s how the famous mentalist astonished Tariq Jameel.

Shaheer Khan asks Maulana to think of a word and then imagine an experience with that thing. He then tries to read Maulana’s mind, telling him that he is moving in his imagination, aiming at a target while standing. Tariq Jameel nods.

Shaheer finally paints the picture of Maulana’s mind, telling him that he was playing basketball in his thoughts.

The scholar breaks into laughter on hearing the exact same thing he had imagined seconds ago. He then lauds the young mentalist while jokingly asking to take him as an apprentice.

Feature Writer

  • He needs to do more than play with a mulla of dubious credentials and credibility. If this guy could really read minds in truth, if he could look into peoples minds and thoughts then he’d be more than just an entertainer.

    If he could do all this then he’d be in psych ops, think tanks, ISI or make millions in trade, commerce, and in stock and commodity market exchanges like the Wall Street. He could pass any oral, paper, competitive exam.

    If he could be proven to do all this, read peoples minds, then he should immediately be made the prime minster of Pakistan, commander in chief of the military, and chief justice of the supreme court.

    Sorry, but I cannot believe this at the witness of a compromised mulla!

    • Mulla of dubious credentials! are you gone mad. If your brilliant mind cant understand anything it does not invalidate its existence and please don’t be disrespectful. These compromised mulla get your parents marriage contract (Nikah) registered. I dont want to continue ………………… Please

      • We know that you are not Muslim nor Pakistani.
        Live in your own society where people don’t prefer nikkah but prefer enjoyment.

    • I see anger hatred …. this is what is destroying us and our beloved country. Covert this anger into passion and use it in the uplift of the country and its people. Peace!

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