NHA To Digitize the Abdul Hakeem-Lahore Motorway With Intelligent Transport System

The National Highway Authority (NHA) is planning to employ an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) on the Abdul Hakeem-Lahore Motorway to make it a state of the art project.

A press release has revealed this while explaining the briefing session presided over by the NHA Chairman Jawwad Rafique Malik.

The briefing was given by the project consultants Abdul Basit and Chief Executive of China Railway 20 Co. Pakistan Private Limited Li Jieyong. They informed the session that the speedy completion of the said motorway is underway.

Moreover, they divulged that they are employing the latest digital system for the project. The system involves handling emergencies, lane marking, controlling traffic accidents, placement of LED screens, weigh station system, electronic toll collection, and optic fiber installation.


Lahore On Track to Become Pakistan’s First Smart City

They told that the project will entail maximum civic and traveling facilities at the service areas. Moreover, there will be cameras to monitor the high-speed vehicles.

This digital system will be installed all along other motorways.

Lahore is already on its way to becoming the first smart city of Pakistan. This step is a big leap towards this goal, as an Intelligent Transport System is deemed as a sine qua non of the smart cities.

Along with controlling the traffic congestion and information, ITS is also used for road safety and efficient infrastructure usage.