PCB Just Noticed They Missed Mirpur Stadium’s Electricity Bills for 10 Years

The Mirpur Cricket Stadium’s electricity connection has finally been terminated… after 10 years of non-payment.

In a shocking update, it has been revealed that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had not paid the stadium’s electricity bills which were over 8 million rupees.

According to the sources, in all these years, neither did PCB enquire about the bill nor did the AJK electricity authority bother sending the bill to the board.

This failure on part of both parties has now put PCB in an awkward and embarrassing situation since the electricity authority has now issued a bill for more than 400,000 consumed units.

Unless and until the bill is paid, the termination of electricity is going to hurt PCB as the Mirpur Stadium is currently holding Grade-2 and Quaid-e-Azam trophy matches.

Corruption or Ignorance?

Given the fact that PCB allocates 6.8 million rupees budget for Mirpur Cricket Stadium, it is hard to understand why the bill wasn’t paid.

The next big question that needs to be asked is why did AJK electricity authority wait so long to serve the notice?

This matter should warrant an investigation on both organizations’ part so we can get to the root of the problem.

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