FIA Arrests Nigerian Man Involved in Rs. 4 Million Online Fraud

The Cyber Crime Wing of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested a Nigerian national involved in an online fraud of Rs. 4 million to a local in Sherwan, Abbottabad.

Deputy Director Cyber Crime wing FIA Abbottabad, Tahir Khan, said that Tahir Sarwar, a local of Sherwan, has filed a complaint that his Facebook friend had scammed her. According to him, a UK-based Pakistani girl had requested him to retrieve her client’s money from a bank that she works for.

She told that her client had died, leaving millions of dollars in the bank account. The girl had taken Rs. 4 million from Tahir as different fees for drawing the money out of the account.


FIA Received Over 1200 Complaints About Online Bank Fraud in 2018

After gathering the case’s record, the FIA cybercrime wing arrested the Nigerian individual named Frank who was allegedly committing the online Fraud. The FIA team is also looking for other members of the international gang.

The agency is also investigating the bank accounts used for online fraud. It has also found the cell phone being used in the scam.

Phishing scams are common these days. People claim to be the son or daughter of Muammar Gaddafi’s or even Bin Laden’s descendants who have to save their money before authorities in the US lay their hands on their assets. But all of this is just bait to rob innocent people.

Via: The News

  • Wait….. do you mean to say that they have arrested the Nigerian prince and I won’t be getting my share of 3.4 million $? Hmmm…..well there goes my dream of owning a castle in UK.

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