Session Judge Fulfills 10-Year Old Kid’s Wish to Become a Judge

Dreams do come true and when it happens, it is one of the best feelings.

The same happened for this 10-year-old kid, Mudassir, who was allowed to join the court proceedings as a co-session judge.

The kid, who studies in 4th class, expressed his desire to talk to the District and Session Judge Lahore, Khalid Nawaz, requesting him to co-judge a couple of cases.

The young boy had come to the court with his divorced mother for a scheduled meeting with his father.

The Session Judge asked the staff to arrange an extra chair for the boy, allowing him to co-judge and watch the court proceedings. He briefed the kid about the usual court procedures and consulted him on different cases.

Mudassir was overjoyed as this happens to be the first time a kid was allowed to co-judge in a session court.

Via: Express

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