Govt Gives an Automatic Wheelchair to Disabled Person Who Was Snubbed by Shehbaz Sharif

A couple of days ago, a tweet went viral which showed the opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif snubbing a disabled citizen who requested an automatic wheelchair.

The video surfaced on various media channels and Shehbaz was widely criticized on social media as well. Various people offered to help while others demanded the government to intervene in the matter.

The next day, Pakistan Baitul Mal’s Managing Director, Aon Abbas, came across the video and asked people on Twitter to help him identify the person. He tweeted:

He declared former CM Punjab’s gesture as ‘shameful’ and vowed to provide the man with the wheelchair.

“Shameful. Pls someone share his contact details. InshAllah [email protected] will provide him a wheelchair,” the tweet read.

After many responses to Aon’s tweet, the needy person was identified as Zahid from Okara. The following day, Aon and his team member traveled to Okara and presented him with an automatic wheelchair.

The spokesman to CM Punjab, Dr. Shahbaz Gill tweeted the news stating that he was overwhelmed by the response of Zahid over fulfillment of his wish. He also thanked DM Baitul Mal Aon Abbas, for his prompt action.

  • they are just concerned about their money and status. Even after looking at his behaviour people will still vote for him and then whine.


    Anyone here? Nop

    Bura kam koi bhi kary, usy condemn karny ka hosla layen, KHUDA k liye beghairati na karain aue Patwarism chorr dain

  • I don’t understand, what’s the negative hype here?
    I don’t see nay misbehave from Shahbaz Shareef, he shake hand with that poor guy, and left. where did you see the blunt?
    Its good that Govt. take over the pride and its the duty of Govt.

  • وہ کیا بٹن والی ویل چئیر ساتھ لے کر پھر رہا تھا۔ کہ اسی وقت حکم دیتا کہ انہیں گاڑی میں سے ویل چئیر نکال کر دیں۔ ادھر حکومت نے ان کی دوائیاں تک مہنگی کردیں اس پر تو ایک بھی ٹویٹ نہ کی تم لوگوں نے۔ سیاست بھی پی کے والی ہی کرتے ہو

  • end me Mahana Wazeefa aur laptop b mangna shuru kr dia bhai ny. us ne b remote control chair de k jaan churai :D

  • because opposition leader r3fused to help him, chairman bait ul mal and his team travelled to okara and provide a wheelchair, and tweet by spokesman to CM punjab is a political stunt. I’m a pti voter but really hate these 1990s type political practices.
    If bait ul mal and CM Punjab want to do something then make the zakat and baitul mal support program smoother.
    For example, If you go to govt or private hospitals and you are applying thru bait ul mal, you’ll need to wait for at least 2 month and if you are a private patient, you will get the treatment in just half an hour. This is the ridicules way to help the poor patients beside their critical conditions

  • This has propaganda value only. It may gull the unquestioning believer. One motorized wheel chair given in this context has no other relevance. What about all the other people who need such help but are too shy or too reserved to ask for it?

    If the government was really keen, serious and sincere in helping the physically challenged then it would make public places accessible to all the people who are limited in their capacity to do so.

    And offer wheel chairs, motorized wheel chairs and other helps, like cataract surgery for example, to the deserving challenged who have not dared to even ask, who may be too shy of letting their needs and limitations known.

  • Can MD Baitul Mal provide robotic parents to Umair Khalil and his two little sisters? Please ask him to tweet that incident “Shameful”.
    And has Propakistani reported on shameless attitude of whole Government towards Sahiwal incident? No, it will not because Uncle Ghafoor has asked for positive reporting for its installed Government.

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