PM Orders a Cell to Monitor Ministers and Govt Officers

Prime Miniter Imran Khan, in an unprecedented move, has ordered the ruling party Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) to establish a special cell to keep a check on the performance of his ministers and the top government officials.

PTI General Secretary, Arshad Dad, will head the monitoring cell that will not only work as a watchdog but will also address the problems of the general public.

Arshad Dad, while commenting on the surveillance cell, said that its purpose was to keep an eye on the performance of the ministers and the public officers. He said that the cell will also hear public complaints and will convey them to the premier.


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Previously, on December 10, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while presiding over a federal cabinet meeting, directed the ministers to make sure they achieve all the targets set during the first 100 days.

Khan had praised the top performing ministers and urged others to follow their example.

Via: ARY

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